Let Me Take You On a Journey …

By Ken Korczak

It’s 4:30 a.m., dark in my bedroom, and my mind snaps awake, but my body does not.

I feel my consciousness — or something — sway from side to side like a helium balloon in a shifting breeze. I loll back and forth, pivoting on my physical body, and move farther away with each swing of the pendulum. Going with the momentum of the next thrilling swoop, I command myself to “roll” out and away from my body and to detach.

First I plummet — right through the floor! — then I recover and soar upward, butterflies exploding in my stomach. I can’t help but feel a deep satisfying laughter. I’m free!

Then comes the inevitable, breathless circus ride — a gasping, exhilarating roller coaster trip through what I have come to call the “starry tunnel,” although the whining, electric “bugs” that zip all around me inside this worm hole aren’t really stars, at least I don’t think so. I’m not sure what they are; perhaps the firings between the neurons inside my own brain.

The best thing about the starry tunnel ride is that I never know where it will end up. It’s a cosmic crap shoot that could deposit me in outer space, or on the shadowy carpet of some dense rain forest, heavily shrouded in foliage, shrieking with exotic birds, humming insects and the organ notes of reptiles.

But this particular time the tunnel exits into my own room, as the tunnels often do, where my sleeping body lies peaceful and breathing gently, evenly.

There I float a meter above myself — how? — in a dream body, looking down on a dream representation of my physical body? As an actual detached consciousness? A soul? A doppelganger?

If you ask sleep researcher, such as Dr. Stephen LaBerge of Stanford University, he would say that what floats above the physical body is a “detached body image,” which has not actually left my physical brain, but rather is a dislocation hallucination resulting from all sensation being cut off between body and brain by sleep induced paralysis.

If you would ask others, such as the researchers at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia, they would argue that what floats above the physical body is true, objectively detached consciousness, free and functioning independently while the physical body waits in stasis, warm and safe for the “essence of you” to return.

In the meantime, there I am, floating with the weightlessness of an astronaut in a space station, wondering if LaBerge at Stanford is right, or if others are closer to the truth. Or maybe the ancient dream yogis or Sufi masters — and then I laugh at myself, a heavy, hearty laugh, because I’m there — a hovering sphere of star dust — but still very much myself, caught up in foolish intellectualizing about the fundamental nature of my existence.

They are the questions which never tire me: What am I? Who am I? Why am I?

Suddenly, the questions begin to fill my being like expanding spheres of light, and I’m abruptly swept away — right through the window! — without opening it! without breaking it!

Outside, about 200 feet in the air, I’m cruising smoothly, briskly through the silent, pre-dawn darkness. I’m heading north, looking down at the gentle silver sheen of the snow-covered plains.

There’s no moonlight this morning, but the starlight is somehow enhanced. The world is bathed everywhere in exquisite silver-white illumination. Every blade of withered prairie grass sticking above the snow stands out sharply, and I think: “So this is how owls see their nighttime world. Gorgeous!”

My speed increases. I have the feeling that someone, somehow is carrying me along or guiding me with unseen hands, a subtle presence just behind me.

I pass swiftly north from Minnesota over the vast plains of Manitoba, and soon find myself in the scintillating snow and ice landscape of the Arctic.

I peer down with my new owlsight and pick out the slippery movement of a white Arctic fox trotting across the snow. From above, it looks to me like a curious fish sliding through a crystal stream.

I feel powerful, even smug, in the fact that my floating, unprotected body is immune to the frigid cold that would turn my physical body numb within minutes.

This is freedom, I thought, as I took in the aching beauty of the crisp night. Freedom from gravity, freedom from painful environmental stimuli, freedom from subjective perceptions of time, freedom from endless artificial limitations.

I look up at the dome of the Arctic sky and see indescribably vivid colors swirling up there. Beaming stars and dancing rivers of aurora borealis, like a melted rainbow poured across sequined velvet.

I’m stunned. I feel a gasping sensation and I reel. I feel I will rip apart in an explosion of rapture and delight.

I float up and merge with it all, losing myself into everything.

To awaken back into my physical body is like emerging slowly from a deep well of mild electricity. The atoms of my body focus to become me. I open my eyes slowly. I feel peaceful and rested. I smile.

I can’t wait to go again.


9 thoughts on “Let Me Take You On a Journey …

  1. Great post.
    I have read many books on OBE’s and Lucid Dreaming and have come to except both as the same. But I’d like to know what they actually are (just conscious dreams or actual mind traveling).

    Can I ask – have you ever set-up an experiement to test this? For example describe what is happening at remote locations?

    You seem to have lots of these experiences – I would love to read much more of them and hear about any strange unexplainable experiences.

  2. Excellent question, Stuart. This is one of my biggest conundrums. Is it physical, objective out-of-body travel, or “brain only” event meaning an experience that takes place entirely within the confines of the brain and dreaming mind.

    The fact is, I don’t know. There are times when I am totally convinced that this has to be an OBE .. and other times …

    But the thing is, we may have to redefine our definitions — does it really matter if it’s OBE or lucid dream? I’m very much beginning to think it does not matter — this is much more subtle than most people think — watch for future posts on this topic.

  3. Peace,
    Thank you for your articles and views. Like you I had the one OBE into the starry tunnel, but think it is a capacity that we have lost or that we can develop. Also, had some time at the Monroe Institute and do their Gateway exercises which I feel have something of a springboard effect – but no true opening yet as I hoped… Let’s not give up ….

  4. Just keep at it, Rosemarie — don’t try to hard. “Try without trying.” It’s easier than you think, and somtimes when you least expect it …. something amazing opens up!!!

  5. A long time ago I had a few of the floating to the ceiling and other lucid types of dreams and observed that the dreamscape was always from my own experiences.

    The view of a traveling astral self/ Higher Self seems to conflict in my research with the spirual writers such ‘R Rose’ &’ Suzanne Segal’ and others found on:

    These writers seem to want to dissolve the little self and take the
    view of the ‘All That Is’. What is your view of the structure of the self?

    I like your stories and am looking forward to part IV of ebook!

  6. Hi again Ken

    I have another question for you: Does Astral travel affect your daily physical life? Do you prefere your OBE’s to waking physical activity? You say you long to continue astral travel but do you have the same excitment during fully waking hours? Has astral travel ever become an addiction and interfered with your every day life or has it enhanced it?

    I’m curious, i haven’t fully experienced astral travel yet (well i’ve not remembered it anyway) but i’m so exited to try, i love the feeling of flying in my dreams and would love to be able to view the wonder of the world and beyond, but i am concerned that i might enjoy it so much that i might not want to experience my so called ‘normal’ life.

    What are your views on this? by the way your information is fantastic, a great read.

  7. Great share here on this site and I appreciate your take on things. One thing I’ve seen is what we think about is 100% what we get. We create our own reality.

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