Fairies and UFOs — Are “Aliens” Earthly Halflings?

By Ken Korczak

The most common belief today is that UFOs are spaceships piloted by aliens from other planets and other solar systems.

But another good theory which never gets as much press is that which says UFOs may, in fact, be right here from earth.

Instead of being Extraterrestrials, UFO aliens might be Ultraterrestrials — a species that has always been here, which evolved on earth along with homo sapiens, but which represent a species far superior.

These Ultraterrestrials are so superior to us it’s almost impossible for us to comprehend their existence. All we know of them are fleeting glimpses of light in the sky, occasional bizarre encounters between human beings and so-called aliens, and other unexplainable phenomenon.

Think of how a group of monkeys in the wild perceive human beings. Because their own level of consciousness is so limited, they cannot comprehend what we humans are beyond being just another kind of animal. They may see a jet or a helicopter or a car, but to the monkeys, nothing in their consciousness can explain these amazing things.

A monkey may think of an airplane as some kind of magical, giant bird. They relate to it with the level of understanding they have about their environment. The speculation of the monkey, at best, is a crude idea about the total truth of an airplane, and the fact that it represents entire levels of consciousness that are so advanced, they are literally invisible to monkey mind.

Now think of a human being who encounters a UFO. To us a UFO seems to be some kind of flying, mechanical aircraft — but the true nature of the UFO may be as different from a spacecraft as a bird is from an airplane. Like the monkey, we just don’t have the advanced levels of consciousness we need to comprehend the true nature of a UFO.

As humans, we make the naturally egotistical assumption that we are the species at the top of the heap — we see ourselves as the peak achievement of evolution. We even make the bold claim that God, the supreme architect of the entire universe, created us in his own image!

But it’s not a big leap to consider that we are just another link in a vast chain of species, many which are below us, and some which may be above us.

People who support the Ultraterrestrial theory point out that supernatural beings seemingly superior to humans have been reported throughout history. In previous eras they were called gods, angels, ogres, fairies, brownies, little people, demons, and more.

The Bible is filled with references to supernatural creatures, including giants, “wheels” flying in the sky out of which incredible creatures emerge, and more.

But references to flying disks were recorded centuries before the texts of the Bible. Cave drawing dating to 30,000 B.C. depict numerous drawings of disks floating around in the sky, remarkably similar to modern UFO photographs.

Some maverick UFO investigators have pointed out the amazing similarities of modern UFO aliens to that of elves, fairies and the various “little people” famous in the folklore of many cultures.

Fairies are well known for kidnapping people, the same irritating habit UFO aliens have. People who are abducted report incidents of missing time, a phenomenon very similar to time lapses reported by people taken to and returned from “fairyland.”

Fairies, like modern aliens, tend to be diminutive creatures with large magical eyes. Many reports of alien abduction even include “power rods” used to paralyze abducties, just as fairies wield “magic wands.”

One of the most interesting comparisons between aliens and fairies is that both are interested in stealing babies. One of the most common fairy activities is swiping babies from cribs, and sometimes replacing them with a false double, or “changeling” as they are sometimes called.

A large part of modern UFO literature involves aliens abducting women, impregnating them, and then later abducting them again, only to remove and take the unborn baby right out of the womb.

Clearly, both UFO occupants and fairies have a strong affinity for the baby stealing business.

Fairies are closely associated with nature, just as modern aliens also display a certain obsession with environmental issues. One of the most common alien abduction scenarios involves aliens who force people to watch “movies” depicting massive environmental degradation caused by modern human civizilation. The aliens then give them a lecture on environmental issues and let them go.

If aliens truly are a superior species from earth and evolved on earth, it would make sense that they would be concerned about another species wrecking the planet.

But then you might ask, why don’t the Ultraterrestrials simply step in and “manage” us the same way humans “manage” wildlife, including chimps and other large primates? The Ultraterrestrial theorists answer: “They are!” That’s what all the abduction and experiments are about!

Just as human beings capture and tag various species, UFO abducties report experiences of extreme similarity. Many people report being “tagged” during frightening sessions on a UFO operating table. Some of these “tags” have even been recovered, or show up on MRI exams, and remain unexplained.

It’s also possible that Ultraterrestrials comprehend and operate within higher levels of dimension than we experience at the human level. A monkey, for example, does not comprehend the dimension of time like humans can, and a monkey could never understand that time and space are actually two parts of the same dimension, as scientists have discovered.

Mathematicians tell us that many additional dimensions of reality exist — dimensions which only the most brilliant math minds can glimpse through numbers, although they cannot experience them psychologically in any meaningful way.

If Ultraterrestrials can exist “above” or “beyond” spacetime, that means they can easily see us, trick us and manipulate our existence, while we can’t see them at all, or only in the most crude manner, or perhaps only when they allow us to see them.

Imagine when a bear is shot with a drugged dart from a helicopter hovering above him. Imagine how terrified the bear is of the bizarre flying monster and the noise and lights that come out of it. Now imagine what the bear thinks of the strange beings that come out of the flying monster. The strange beings poke and prod him, look inside his mouth, apply a tag to his ear, and then let him go. Why?

How can a bear understand or interpret the meaning of this incident on its level of consciousness? It can’t. It just doesn’t seem to make any sense. Human beings are so advanced and superior as to be incomprehensible.

Is it be so difficult to believe that the ongoing bizarre and seemingly incomprehensible phenomenon of UFOs and their activities are the actions of an earth-born species far advanced and superior to human beings?

Just ask a bear or a monkey.

2 thoughts on “Fairies and UFOs — Are “Aliens” Earthly Halflings?

  1. Hello,
    You present a very intriguing possibility. I have probably more than 100 hrs. of Ufo related video. Of course the thing that your readers will do is start asking you very specific questions. It’s the pane of our existence. In your theory would it be possible for the futurists to leave behind anything by accident.? The example would be , !!! Does the government have “UFO’s in storage?!” We all want to find something, some proof that “something” doe’s exist. In your way of thinking, if a futurist left a “part” by accident and could revert to a previous time, if they knew they left it they could just come back and pick it up. On the other hand are all the stories like parts thrown down a well from a ufo in the late 18 hundreds, the crash at Roswell, Aztec New Mexico. Of course there are many more. Let’s see, if we left a syringe after a wild wolf examination I guess it would just smell it and then just walk away. Of course we are’nt wolves, so we have to have our brains erased. So could you be more specific. I mean did this idea come to you in a dream? For example, there have been a lot of “cattle mutilations”. Everybody is saying, it’s just more examinations. Well all the blood is pumped out of their bodies. Not one person say’s that the blood is for food. If I rode a spaceship for 30 light years I’d be pretty hungry! Some peoples beliefs befuddle me. Like believing in crop circles. this is just pretty smart kids with an ability in geometry.
    So let’s say that you are correct. How do we trap them? Really. Animals have traped us, knowing the terrain better than us.
    Won’t waste any more of your time. Let me ask you one personal question. If the government has the ships, the dead and maybe alive bodies, do you think we, the public, should be shown this proof of other possibilities? Thank you for enlightening me a bit more on one of the few things in my opinion that are interesting. Steven BTW is this a “thread”? Are others writing you with opinions?

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