Aliens Visited Him in the 1930s

Note: The following story was told to Ken by an elderly  northwestern Minnesota dairy farmer.

By Ken Korczak
They were in his bedroom, and they were not human.

It was late in the 1930s, long before reports of UFOs and visitations by alien beings has became a more common cultural phenomena.

Andrew, lying bed, opened his eyes and was stunned to see “two gray beings” standing near his bed, gazing down at him with “scary” eyes that “penetrated.”

“There was something about those eyes … I guess they could concentrate powerfully … they could penetrate,” Andrew said in a telephone interview. “This was 60 years ago, and this is the first time I have told anybody about this.  I’ve kept it to myself for 60 years. I haven’t even told my wife.”

“I would say they had normal, human sized heads.  They were about as tall as a regular human … they appeared to be wearing clothes, but they were something that was not normal, do you know what I mean?  To see beings that are gray it’s just … there’s something not right about it. They are not something that is normal … not something from around here.”

Andrew was a boy of about 11 at the time, and he quickly activated the defense that all frightened boys in all dark rooms everywhere have employed — he plunged under the blankets and slammed his eyes shut.

It worked. When he dared to peek again, the gray beings were gone. But this would not be Andrew’s last encounter with the strange.

Today Andrew is 71 and still lives in the rural Warroad area. He keeps a dairy farm and owns land not far from the shores of Lake of the Woods. He has had so many encounters with UFOs, he speculates that “They” — who or whatever “They” are — maintain a base underneath Lake of the Woods, or perhaps beneath the Rainy River.

“Several years ago I was clearing land using explosives, when a friend of mine stopped by,” he said. “It was a nice day in May. We were just visiting a little bit and suddenly we heard a sound like rushing air coming out of the west, and moving east.”

Andrew said that while he and his friend could see nothing, they definitely heard and felt something pass not far above their heads.  After moving over them from west to east, it turned and went back west again.

“You couldn’t see it, but there was no mistaking that it was there … there was a big volume of air movement,” he said. “We could hear it clearly and almost feel it’s presence … it felt like an invisible object passed right by us. I think they were probably curious about my use of explosives .. they just wanted to check out and see what I was doing.”

On several other occasions Andrew and his neighbors in the area have seen strange object rising from swampy areas, and from near Lake of the Woods.

“Several years ago, it was the middle of winter, in 1967, I think … it was a cold night, I saw an extremely bright light rise up out of the swamp. This was northwest of Pitt and northeast of Graceton near that area of Cedar trees.”

Andrew said his neighbor reported seeing a “funny looking” black, metallic aircraft about two miles from the Zipple Bay area. The object seem to rise up from the lake area and fly west.

Andrew is convinced that whatever these flying crafts are, they have the ability to be invisible.  Much like the U.S. Military’s Stealth aircraft which are invisible to radar, the aliens may have a way to make themselves invisible to all wavelengths of the light spectrum.

“But they make a peculiar noise,” Andrew said.  “The only way I can describe it is that it sounds like ice or snow sliding off a metal roof … it’s a very distinct sound. You can’t see them, but you can’t mistake that odd sound. Nothing else sounds like that.”

In speaking to Andrew, I got the impression that he was a man who has a higher sensitivity to sound, and perhaps a greater sense of perception than the average person.

For example, notice the wonderful detail of sight and sound he provides in this next example of yet another UFO sighting:

“I got about 2:30 one night … it was extremely cold, but a nice, pleasant evening. Walking over to the barn, I could hear the cows masticating their food … I was feeding my cows with regular hay, but I was being cautious because cows can sometimes get on their backs if they get feed that is too bulky … I love cattle, they all make their special noises and particular sounds … suddenly about a quarter mile to the northeast I saw an extremely bright light that lit up a whole grove of trees … it was like a ball game was being played over there, like a whole bank of floodlights … then the light began to move, but there was no sound. As I continued to watch, an engine-like sound came up. Then the lighted object  flew off and it was gone. I really couldn’t tell if it had any shape to it because it was so bright.  Seeing it just made me think.”

Andrew thinks that his many sightings of UFOs and his encounter with strange beings in his bedroom are not as uncommon as most would have us believe.

“I think a lot of people are having these kind of encounters, but of course no one likes to talk about it. It’s not considered normal to see these kind of things, so it is just ignored.”

Andrew also thinks that our remote northern Minnesota area could be prime real estate for an alien UFO base.

“We live is a cold, thinly populated area,” he said.  “They would be seen less often up hear, and the even when they are seen, most people won’t talk about it.  But even so, you still hear about so many cases of strange lights and people that see things they can’t explain.  I think it happens a lot more than people are willing to admit.”

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