Out-of-Body Travel: Key is to Accept Strangeness

Editor’s Note: Today we here from famed out-of-body travel expert Cory Gann! This is a fascinating tip on out-of-body travel.

By Cory Gann

Once you develop the ability to have frequent out-of-body experiences, you start getting accustomed to strangeness. In fact, your ability to meet and handle unworldly, weird, bizarre, inexplicable and even nonsensical situations will be a measure of how successful you will be at exploring on this frontier.

Of all the things you need to handle the nonphysical environment, flexibility of mind is the greatest. You need to accept things which your “normal” sensibilities will just not want to.

I have had occasional trips which are so bizarre that it would be impossible to describe them in words. I don’t mean that as a cliche’ — I mean some experiences literally have no translation into terms which are describable with human language, except perhaps for some kind of experimental poetry.

I think most human minds have a strong tendency to simply ignore some of the most outlandish inputs that greet them. Because of that, many experiences out-of-body travelers confront are not counted as valid and are often forgotten. This is a mistake. Staying with the very strange and struggling to understand what these experiences mean is where the cutting edge of new knowledge is, and perhaps points the way toward higher evolution of the human mind.

Besides the bizarre beyond-sense experiences, there is one particular trip I went on which I count as especially strange, and I’ll share it with you here:

I went to bed setting my intention to have an OBE. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night feeling my body swaying from side to side. I waited, stayed with the motion. Soon I was swooped up into an exhilarating ride through a very speedy starry tunnel. I traveled what seemed to be great distance before I popped out of the tunnel way out in the middle of vast, empty outer space.

I was just out there — alone and adrift among billions of unimaginably distant, hard, unblinking stars. I thought to myself: “Well, here I am out in space … so what?”

I don’t want to give you the impression that I was bored. I was actually feeling quite awed, and I had a tremendous feeling that I was many, many light years away from Earth. It was a remarkable sensation.

Then I suddenly noticed I was not alone. Drifting into view in my upper left hand field of vision I saw two large patches of light that sort of looked like blurry, fluttering snowflakes. It was difficult to tell just how big they were or how far away they were since I was just out there in space with no physical reference objects against which to judge size and distance.

I really had a sense, however, that these two globs of light were intelligent living beings of some sort, although utterly inscrutable. I watched them for a minute or two and they seemed to be watching me. Then I tried to establish communication with them. I arbitrarily formed thoughts of love and peace in my mind and tried to project these thoughts through space at the light creatures, assuming they were something alive.

Nothing happened.

I just floated there and they floated there. They flickered and hovered about a little bit. The most exciting thing that happened was when one of the giant snowflakes flew away suddenly out of my field of view. A few minutes later it came back. The one that stayed near me really seemed to react to the other snowflake when it came back. I got the impression they were communicating with each other, but were as confused and stumped by my presence as I was about them.

After a short while I was blasted back into my body, and I awoke instantly with my trip into outer space fresh in my mind. I was very clear-headed throughout this trip. I recorded the event in my dream/OBE journal and went back to bed. After I dozed off, I found that I was slipping in and out of my body a lot. I floated around my room, but this time I was unable to find a tunnel to get me out of the house. I had extraordinary control of my movement in and out of my body that night, but with the exception of my journey into deep space where I visited the two inscrutable energy forms, I couldn’t get get beyond my living room wall.

I don’t know why I offer this particular story as one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me in the out-of-body state. Although it was a rather simple experience compared to others, that particular trip had a quality of wonder about it that has remained special to me.

There’s one more strange but brief out-of-body experience I want to tell you about.

I was sleeping soundly, in a very deep sleep, when I felt myself starting to come awake, and it seemed a long journey from my deep level of sleep to where I was going. Suddenly I popped out of my body and found myself floating above my bed in the darkness of my room. I could clearly see my body in bed, covered with blankets. As I looked away from my body, I was startled to notice a large triangular doorway looming at the foot of my bed.

It was a large isosceles triangle with sharp edges clearly marking its border between my normal bedroom space and the penetrating blackness of its interior.

I was feeling a strong invitation coming from this portal, but I was also filled with doubt about where it might lead. I was intimidated by the profound blackness inside the large triangle so I decided not to plunge in. I went scurrying back into my body instead, like a frightened squirrel running for a hole in a tree.

I woke up immediately and got up from bed. I stepped around to the foot of my bed and sort of passed my arms through the air in the space where the triangle had been floating. It was an exceedingly odd feeling. I almost felt as if the the doorway was still there, although in another dimension — the dimension of the nonphysical world.

I wish now that I would have thrown caution to the wind and entered. God only knows what kind of adventure I might have had. I’m sure it would have been strange.

But the point of all this is, and what I want you all to think about this month is that whether you know it or not, you are in a constant state of filtering your reality. At every moment you accept certain information perceived by your senses, and reject other information that is all around us.. It’s not that you don’t “see” or contact this other information. You do. But because it does not fit your “model” of what you believe reality to be, you ignore it, and you ignore it so well, that all this other information is invisible.

It is the brain which sees and not the eye. It is the brains which hears and not the ears. It is the brain which feels and not the fingertips. It is the brain which tastes, and not the mouth. If your fingers touch something, but your brain refuses to process the information, you will not feel it. If a certain kind of light enters your eyes and strikes your retinas, it is up to your brain — the ultimate gatekeeper — as to whether that light signal will be accepted or not.

The brain imposes order on chaos by grouping sets of signals, rearranging them, or rejecting them. Reality is what your brain says it is. The great German philosopher Wittgenstein said: “You see what you want to see.”

We all hold models of reality in our mind. Most of us have not made our own choices about what those models are; rather, they were given to us by our parents and society. I’m not saying you must reject these model. Rather, I encourage you to open up your mind to information which is outside your hardened view of reality.

I said your brain is the ultimate gatekeeper, but that’s not quite true. YOU are the keeper of your brain, and you can program your brain to be more flexible, train it to be more liberal about what it lets through, and what it tries to keep out.

Dreams and imagination are two keys to reprogramming your brain, and making it open up the gates wider to the greater experiences of the universe. Meditation is a third, powerful key to getting beyond your “ordinary” mind to a more expansive and accepting perception of your reality. Next time, I’ll talk more about freeing your mind to help it perceive the greater universe.

14 thoughts on “Out-of-Body Travel: Key is to Accept Strangeness

  1. a large isosceles triangle with sharp edges

    I would eagerly had gone through that triangle. But this is because I have had about 30 years of experience in these situations.

    It was only about 5 years ago that I started researching on the internet and reading everythig I could abouth “out of body experiences” that I learned to become comfortable with such experiences.

    Unfortunately, our society does not teach us to deal with this side of our being. We are taught how to drive a car, how to balance a check book, …we are taught everthing that deals with the material world, but nothng with the altered state of consciousness. It is a taboo subject.

    I would like to encourage you to explore this gift. Research good authors on the subject who can guide you and such. It is all at your fingertips. You have a computer, research how to interact with an out of body experience.

    There should be a new book…”Out of Body Experience for Dummies”..Ha!

  2. I’ve never had an out of body experience but I’ve had loads of strange trance experiences of memories I haven’t had that are quite vivid…but I’d love to learn how to do that it sounds extremely interesting.

  3. I do enjoy your articles on OBEs, especially as you don’t ‘evangelize’ as either pro or con, I too feel it’s an open ended discussion.

    However, the main problem I have with accepting the ability to disincorporate while maintaining our sense of ‘self’ is simply that we ‘remember’ the occurance at all.

    At it’s most basic level, physical memory requires sensory input as a trigger to establish actual physical connections (pathways) in the brain.

    The fact that most people who report OBEs are able to recall the entire experience in great detail (even if supposedly ‘dead’ or near-death) would seem to indicate that the experience was ‘local’ rather than ‘remote’.

    If one’s consiousness is transferred from their physical body to an incorporeal ‘body’, how do the actions required to establish physical connections in the physical body’s brain occur?

    quoted from: Female and Forgetful by Elisa Lottor and Lynn Sonberg

    “A memory begins with a stimulus-something you perceive with your five senses.Your sense organs pick up a message and send it along a pathway of nerves to your brain. Once it has been received by a neuron’s dendrite, the message enters the cell body. An electrical charge pushes the message through the cell body and the cell’s axon.Then the message is transmitted by the axon to the dendrite of a neighboring neuron. This process gets repeated from neuron to neuron until the message reaches its destination, each neuron sending the message to another neuron via axon, neurotransmitter (brain chemical), and dendrite.”

  4. Tony makes a cogent and highly interesting point. The memory factor lends weight to the idea that OBEs are a “brain only”event. Still, the doorway is open, so to speak, on other explanations for how we retain memory of the OBE is we actually do go “out.” This gets into a whole can of worms — such as the nonphysical location of knowledge — is information encoded within the matrix of the universe? — there are many interesting theories about the brain as “hologram” which can reacxh out into the “soup” of everything that is out there and manufacture it into knowledge, etc….. it’s a fascinating line of speculation — thanks again, Tony!


  5. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience. I have had this snowflake experience many times, and feel the same way about the tendency toward love and peace in this moment. But really, I would just like to know more about it. What it is capable of and why it is present. I feel that it is energy coming together and moving together, rather than seperate energies kind of trying to figure out what to do.

  6. Hello Ken,

    I interviewed with Alex Ansary a few years about my personal Out of Body Experiences. Enjoyed interviewing with Alex!

    I welcome you and guests to visit my web site “Www.InvisibleLight.Us” for a indepth study of the OBE. From religious, spiritual, scientific, statistics audio/video material I present to the public. Over 70+ hours of audio, video, interviews of my experiences.

    Anyways, enough of the “pitch” – keep up the good work with your experiences and sharing the data with the public.

    Thank You,

    David A. Warner

  7. Very interesting article. I had my first OBE about two months ago, ever since i have been trying to do as much research as possible. After the first i had, ive had about three more spontaneous OBE’s . I really wish i could make them happen at will, but they seem to happen when i least expect it. and when it does happen, its pretty hard to control myself when im outside my body. I believe the proper term for this is astral projection.

    1. You can learn to “project” at will with a lot of diligent practice. I have experimented with the phenomana for many years — it tends to be elusive sometimes — at other times, one seems to have a great deal of control over the process, at others, it seems to have a will of its own. As for the term “astral projection” — it’s true that this is a popular term for what others call an OBE, or “Out of Body Experience.” I tend to dislike the term astral projection because “astral” refers to the word “star” and “projection” infers that some aspect of your inner self, such as your “soul” or “energy body” is actually being projected away from the physical body. In my 20 years of experimentation, I have come to believe this is not what is really happening. There is probably no real difference between what one considers physical and what one considers non-physical. In a sense both are one. But it doesn’t really matter — you can still have the experience of an OBE without over anyalyzing it — the more you let go and just have fun, and don’t take it too seriously, the better success you will have — that’s been my experience. Thanks for your post, Christian.

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    1. I wouldn’t be afraid, if I were you. No one has ever been killed or damaged in anyway as the result of an OBE. What kind of experiences do you have when you go OBE? I suggest you stay calm and explore the experience. No harm will come to you. The OBE is a natural experience that any human being can have, so there is no reason to be afraid.

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