Kill a Beaver — Save Oil

Want to strike a blow against high gas prices while making 40 bucks at the same time?

You can always bag a beaver. In Minnesota, the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) is offering to match the bounty paid to trappers by local government entities, such as county and local watershed districts.

In Kittson County, for example, the county will give you $20 for a beaver tail, and another $20 is yours from BWSR. If you turn around and sell the pelt, you could get another 50 bucks, or more.

And consider this: The Minnesota DNR says wearing a coat or hat made from beaver means you'll be wearing a "renewable resource." Most synthetic fur coats and other fibers are made from petroluem-based products.

Note: I am an animal lover. I don't abide trapping because I think it's cruel. I suppose I can live with shooting beaver in the head for a quick death, however, and then making good use of the animal's by-products. I realize, also, that a farmer can't let his land flood because of beaver dams.

One final thought: I understand Lewis and Clark loved eating beaver tail. It's rich in fat and fries up nice and succulent, something like bacon. Yummmmm …..

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