Month: August 2006

Low Starting Bid on eBay Means Higher Sale Price!

By Ken Korczak

At last, I have been vindicated in my belief that starting eBay auctions at a very low price will result in a higher sale price in the end. I have a friend whom I often partner up with on eBay sales, and we have had many an argument about whether it’s best to start the auction at a high opening bid, or a ridiculously low bid.

My friend’s argument is this: When you place a high opening bid price, people will think you are selling something of high value. If you place your bid too low, they will assume something is wrong with the item, thus the low asking price.

My counter-argument was this: Most people go to eBay because they are looking for an amazing deal on something they have already decided to buy. When you start at a very low price, fewer people are intimidated to jump in and bid. Once they are committed to bidding, they’ll have greater motivation to keep bidding, and they’ll get caught up in outbidding the other bidders.

Well, I now have been proven right if researchers at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management are correct. Researcher Prof. Adam Galinsky found after extensive lab experiments that starting at lower prices almost always results in a higher sale price for eBay items. Galinsky said:

“Early bidders get trapped because they’ve spent time and energy in the auction, and it motivated them to spend more time and energy on that auction.”

Interestingly, this bidding mentality on eBay is the opposite of what occurs in the “real world” of sales. Outside of eBay, higher prices tend to focus a shopper’s attention on the better aspects of products. For example, a car with a very high price will tend to make a shopper admire the car’s luxury features, such as its cool stereo system or sleek look. But a low-price car will make people skeptical and have them wondering about the car’s engine, dents or paint job.

So — if you want to get more bidding and a higher end price for your eBay item, start the price low, and let the bidding begin! You can’t argue with science!



How to Turn Yourself Into a Genius

By Ken Korczak

What if I were to tell you that just one year from now your IQ could be 25 percent higher than what it is today? And what if I told you that all you needed to do was perform a simple daily exercise that would make it happen? In fact, there is strong evidence that by doing this one simple exercise, you can dramatically increase your IQ — and even make yourself a genius! So what is this simple, easy and fantastic “genius exercise” that will supercharge your brain?

This: Keep a daily journal or diary. Every day, or several times a day, write down all your thoughts on paper. Do it faithfully for one complete year, and you will rapidly grow more intelligent — guaranteed.


• Researcher Catherine Cox studied the habits of 300 geniuses — luminaries such as Isaac Newton, Einstein, Thomas Jefferson — and discovered that all of them were “compulsive” journal or diary keepers.

• A study determined that only 1 percent of the world’s population habitually engaged in daily journal writing. The study also found that that same 1 percent were almost always super high achievers, and that they almost always lived longer than the average for their time, place and era.

• Thomas Edison wrote an incredible 3 million pages of notes, letters and personal thoughts in hundreds of personal journals throughout his life.

• The brilliant cosmologist Steven Hawking contracted Lou Gehrig’s disease more than 30 years ago and was give just two years to live. Hawking is a shriveled up lump of a human being confined to an electronic wheelchair. He cannot speak, write, or even move more than just a trifle. Although unable to physically keep a journal, Hawking has used computers and other mechanical aides to constantly record not only new ideas and scientific theories, but his own inner reflections.

• When he was a young man, Albert Einstein took a young woman sailing for a date. The date didn’t go very well. The young woman was frustrated because Einstein hardly said a word to her — but instead spent the whole day scribbling in a small journal he carried with him.

Now here’s some more good news: to get all of the IQ building effects of daily journaling, you don’t even have to write down anything that is even coherent! This fact is demonstrated in the the journal of one of the great minds of the 19th Century, English inventor Thomas Faraday, a man much admired by Einstein himself.

Faraday filled thousands of notebooks with seeming utter nonsense. Many have studied the journals of Faraday hoping to discover the key to his brilliant mind. All have been frustrated. In Win Winger and Richard Poe’s book, The Einstein Factor, one researcher wrote:

“(Faraday’s) Diaries have the irritating form of ideas jotted down, repeated and forgotten … a morass or articulated and unarticulated principles, concepts, observations and physical facts.”

In fact, the best method to build your IQ seems to be carrying your journal with you throughout the day and writing down any random thoughts as they come into your head. Now an added bonus: Keeping a daily “random thoughts” journal will not only make you smarter, but may also increase your life span! The evidence for this come from a fascinating study of a group of unusual nuns in Mankato, Minnesota.

The nuns are unique in that just about all of them live well past the average age of death for women in Minnesota. Most of them live well into their 90s, and some top the 100-year mark. Few or none of them have ever suffered from senile dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.What do the sisters all have in common? That’s right — they are all obsessive journal keepers.

Keeping a journal is a requirement of their particular order. And yes, a study of the nuns’ IQs showed that they were all well above average. Of course, there were other variables in the nuns’ clean and serene lifestyle that most likely contributed to their intelligence and long life — but journal keeping is the one key element they all had in common.So there you have it. Buy a notebook, get a pen and carry them wherever you go. Jot down your random thoughts, reflect upon what you write, and soon, you’ll be enjoying your shiny new super-powered IQ!

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The Chatty Choppers — A Tragedy

By Ken Korczak

In the more than 12 years I have been writing my Minnesota Mysteries column, I have grown accustomed to getting a lot of strange calls from readers, and people from all walks of life with their own stories of the paranormal to tell.

But perhaps the strangest call I ever received was from an elderly man who would only identify himself as “Elden.” Elden told me he was desperate to tell someone his story — someone who would listen, believe him and not laugh at him. I tried to put Elden at ease. I assured him that after 12 years of writing stories of the strange, I had heard it all.

But I was wrong.

That’s because Elden proceeded to tell me that for the past 8 years, the four wisdom teeth in his head had each become a kind of conduit or receiving station which channeled the voices of four disembodied spirits from another world, or some other dimension.

Elden theorized that the metallic dental work in each of his wisdom teeth had somehow tuned into the electromagnetic signal of these four personalities, whom now transmitted their conversations through his teeth. At first, Elden was alarmed at these four new voices that seemed to be emanating from the back of his jaw, and which he could hear as clearly as any human voice. But his distress soon faded as he continued to listen to the conversations of these new ghostly “guests” being channeled through his teeth. In fact, he quickly grew to know and love each personality.

Elden said that each of his four wisdom teeth had their own name. The two wisdom teeth on the top were Carl and Boyd, and the bottom two Sal and Velma. Carl was clever and smooth, often making his points with a gentle and witty sense of humor. He also made excellent use of colorful anecdotes to make himself better understood. His remarks were well balanced and showed a clear understanding of world events. Carl projected kindness and intelligence.

Tooth Boyd was a basher. Boyd usually tried to force his opinions on the others with or without facts. He employed trumped-up statistics he felt the others could not refute. He interrupted frequently, especially when Carl or Velma had the floor, or in this case, the mouth. Still, Boyd’s bark was worse than his bite.

Velma, the lone female wisdom tooth, was smooth. She had a gentle southern accent which grew more sumptuous with each passing year. If she was less intelligent than Carl and less forceful than Boyd, she was more persuasive than both. Her charm and feminine wit were irresistible. Elden could not imagine his dental forum without her silky elocutions to make it complete.

Sal, it had to be admitted, was the least gifted of the chatty choppers. He typically made his points by grunting in agreement with Boyd or shouting “Yeah!” after Boyd listed some fact or statistic. Sal would then repeat that fact as if it were his own, adding a twist at the end to make it sound original. It was clear that without Boyd, Sal could not hold his end of the conversation. Sometimes, the others thought of Sal as an ordinary molar. Yet, Sal was harmless, and he filled the chinks in the jawboning nicely.

One more thing about Sal. Although he was the palooka of the foursome, he was not-so-secretly in love with Velma, a fact which sometimes slipped during the simmer of a strong debate. For example, during one particularly heated discussion about aging, Sal, forgetting himself, extravagantly described the way the gums still snugly hugged Velma’s “hard, sleek enamel, with grace and style.”

Blurting this out, Sal immediately halted and blushed. An awkward moment of painful silence hovered among the four grinders. But they soon recovered and were off to less controversial topics. Verily, Velma agreed most often with the cool-capped Carl, although this stopped well short of romance. After all, and interestingly, Velma was positioned opposite of Boyd, while Carl and Sal shared the food processing duties on the other side of the jaw.

Sometimes when Carl and Sal had a french fry pressed between them, Carl could feel Sal’s palpable longing to be smashing tubers against Velma instead of Carl. Carl said nothing about it. His detached deportment was the personification of discretion and dignity. As the years passed, the character of each wisdom tooth expanded, becoming more complex and profound. Because Elden listened to them while falling asleep, his vast unconscious mind brought greater dimension to their individual personalities. Eventually each became as real to him as if they were independent, conscious beings. Certainly they were beloved friends.

Then one day, tragedy struck.

Elden awoke one morning with intense pain in his mouth. It was a tooth ache; a bad one. He got an emergency appointment to see a dentist. Hours later he was in the chair, mouth agape. It took the doctor only minutes to find the problem. It was a wisdom tooth. It was rotten. It had to be pulled. It was Velma. Yes, the foursome’s only female member was facing the end.


Elden swooned in disbelief. After so many years he could not imagine life without this luxurious personality to enrich his daily existence. Deeply agitated, he pleaded with the dentist for options. “Doctor! Can she be filled, or crowned, or (and here Elden gasped) how about a root canal?” The thought of Velma being drilled to the base of her existence, and having her nerve destroyed by bits of whirling steel was a nightmare, but at least she would live on. Or would she? And how? What would be her quality of life? Would she still have her mind, or would she be a mere shell, an eerie doppelganger? In the end, no options remained. The dentist assured Elden that extraction was the only recourse.

Elden asked for a few minutes alone to masticate his circumstances. The dentist, mildly puzzled, and perhaps wondering why Elden referred to the tooth as “her” and “she,” nevertheless left the room. Elden mustered his strength and listened mournfully as Carl, Boyd and Sal said their teary goodbyes. Already, Velma, throbbing and shooting pain throughout the lower side of Elden’s face, was not answering. She was gone. Sal broke down and wept bitterly. Boyd and Carl grew silent, calcified with grief.

The extraction process was grim. Tongs of cold metal reached in like a demonic mantis grasping it’s prey with steel claws of cool precision — without mercy. In just seconds Velma left the warm, moist darkness of the mouth and was floating upward toward the light. She passed through it and was lost in the brilliance. Elden requested maximum gas to numb himself during the procedure. He dreaded that moment when he must again breathe pure air and face life without the velvety voice of Velma vibrating in his lower jaw.

After Velma was gone, Carl, Boyd and Sal seemed out of sync. The conversation just didn’t flow like it had before. Sal had gone listless. He was soon extracted as well. Carl and Boyd, alone now, had no chemistry together. Perhaps it’s not surprising that Boyd soon abscessed. Elden underwent dental surgery and requested that Carl be cut as well. He abhorred the thought of Carl alone at the back of his mouth, pining for Velma and the others.

After his four friends were gone, Elden told me the loneliness has been almost unbearable. Elden’s wife died several years ago and his children are all grown and live in other cities. The eight years he had with those four wonderful personalities channeling their bright spirits though his teeth were among the best years of his life. I felt at a loss for something to say to Elden, to comfort him. But said that just telling me his story helped, and that he hoped that when my readers heard about it, well, at least someone would know about the wonderful unexpected gifts that can come to any of us from a universe that is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine.

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Two Good Ways to Hypnotize a Chicken

Ken Korczak:

Good news: there is not one, but two ways to put a chicken into a hypnotic trance!

Recently I was telling a friend that when I was young we used to put our uncle’s chickens to sleep by folding the bird’s head under a wing and then rocking it from side to side with a swaying motion. The chicken almost immediately starts breathing heavy and goes to sleep. Even if you set it down, it will stay with head under wing, snoozing.

I was surprised to learn that this is not the only method of chicken hypnotism, and not even the preferred method!

A friend showed me a much better way to mesmerize a chicken. Simply capture the chicken and then force it to look straight ahead as you trace “Xs” in front of it’s beak. Just make X marks with you finger — you don’t even have to draw real Xs, and the chicken will go into a deep trance just by watching this. I encourage readers to try this with their own chickens — you’ll be amazed!

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Alternate Dimension Death Sentence! –Part II

NOTE: This is Part II of the Bosh story. To read Part I, just scroll down to find it! Also, a reminder, this story is true, according to the people I interviewed about these events.

By Ken Korczak

In the previous post, I introduced you to a group of people mostly from Kittson and Pembina counties who met regularly to discuss and practice paranormal activities. Using an Ouija Board, and sometimes via the process of automatic writing, they came into contact with a friendly and fascinating entity that called itself Bosh.

Bosh was not a “ghost” or “spirit,” but claimed to be a kind of “energy being” who existed in a dimension of reality that is higher than our own, a dimension in which our own dimension is contained. In other words, our world and even the people in our world are like “shadows” projected from this greater dimension of reality.

Bosh claimed that many people here on Earth were actually the children of the beings that live in Bosh’s world. Bosh called these beings “Source Souls,” because they project physical beings — ordinary people — into our dimension.

These Source Souls are actually our own souls, except, in most cases, we do not own those souls exclusively or as individuals. It would be more accurate to say that the Source Souls “owned” us because they are the ones who project us. Not only that, each Source Soul projects numerous people, not just one. This means that many people on Earth are actually members of the same Source Soul, and essentially, are one and the same being because they have their existence in the same Source.

To several members of the group, Bosh’s ideas were not only ridiculous, but insulting. Others thought Bosh was telling the truth, and was explaining a true reality. Still others didn’t believe that Bosh was even real. The discussion along these lines was often heated. Here is an example of what members of the group said about Bosh, and keep in mind, these are not the real names of the people:

BILL: “It’s obvious to me that Bosh is a figment of the subconscious minds of Margarita and Glenn because they are the only two who can contact him and channel him. When anybody else tries to talk to Bosh through the Ouija Board, it’s all silence, or all nonsense.”

Glenn: “There is no way that Bosh is a figment of my subconscious mind! When my hands are on the oracle, it moves absolutely by itself — I couldn’t think stuff like this up in a million years!”

MARGARITA: “I agree with Glenn. I’m not moving that thing either, and I just feel that Bosh is real — a real being in it’s own real world!”

LARS: “I think it’s extremely suspicious that Bosh’s so called Overworld sound so much like Plato’s idea about how everything in our Earthly dimension are just shadows of what is “real” in a higher dimension of perfect archetypes. Margarita, I’ve even heard you mention Plato’s ideas a couple of times. Couldn’t you just be subconsciously reformulating Plato’s theory in a fantasy form that manifests itself as Bosh?”

MARGARITA: “No way! There’s just no way! And maybe Plato’s ideas just adds more support for the existence of Bosh — Bosh exists in a world just like Plato said it existed.”

ALICE: “I agree with Lars, somewhat. I think it’s also suspicious that Margarita can channel Bosh through her automatic writing trance state, while no one else can contact him, not even Glenn who helps out Margarita on the Ouija Board.”

This kind of discussion disturbed Margarita because she had put so much of her personal life on the line for Bosh. In fact, her fiancee’ threatened to cancel their pending marriage if she didn’t give up channeling Bosh. Margarita refused to let go of Bosh, and her relationship ended.

It was just days after Margarita’s fiancee’ left her that Bosh got into serious trouble with the other Source Souls in the world of Ummm. In fact, Bosh now told the group that he was on death row, and that he needed them all to save him.

Lars told me this particular development supported his theory that Bosh existed only in the mind of Margarita, and somewhat in the mind of Glenn. He put it this way:

“Think about it. Margarita’s boyfriend dumps her, calls off their marriage because she won’t give up her crazy ideas. That’s a real crisis in her life. Then just as all this is happening, Bosh suddenly tells us he is on death row! How convenient! It’s obvious to me that Margarita is subconsciously trying to do what she couldn’t do up front — get rid of Bosh. Instead of simply giving him up like her boyfriend wanted, her subconscious mind has engineered a way for her to have it both ways. Bosh gets killed off, but remains real. At the same time, she no longer has to put up with him, and maybe her boyfriend will come back to her. It all fits!”

Well, that was Lars’ opinion, but other members of the group disagreed strongly, telling me that Margarita was a very “centered” person who was not capable of fooling herself so thoroughly.

Elton told me: “If Margarita and Glenn say Bosh is real, then you can bet your farm that he is real! Glenn used to be a cop, for God’s sake. He’s naturally suspicious and not easily fooled! He’s a real skeptic.”

As the debate on this side of the dimension went on, the group decided to get Bosh himself in on the debate over his own reality. Lars asked Bosh: “If you are really a Source Soul and a member of a world that is a higher dimension of our own, how come you have so much ordinary human-like strife? For beings that are supposed to be our very souls, you don’t seem to have your act together.”

Bosh answered, spelling across the Ouija Board under the hands of Margarita and Glenn: “First of all, you must realize that just because I have my existence here in the Soul Source level does not mean I or my kind are perfect and all-knowing. We’re not gods. There is a lot of controversy here, a lot of unknowns. Some think the projection of you human “soulings” or “subsouls” is a kind of mental illness — a fragmenting of the wholeness of the Soul Source personality — so to speak.”

He continued: “But others argue that the projection of subsouls is actually a learning process, that we Source Souls project “subsouls” into the physical realm as a way to work out certain metaphysical problems, and to grow in knowledge,”

One of the groups asked: “So, Bosh, do you have subsouls projected into our world?”

Bosh answered, again moving across the alphabet of the Ouija Board: “No, I am sterile. I am considered a kind of freak in my world because I do not have sindu or amma nature. I was born without them. Sometimes you humans give birth to sexual neutrals as well. These occurrences have their source on our level, and they happen for complex reasons.”

Lars asked: “Why are you being detained on death row? Why are you going to be killed by your companions in Ummm?”

Bosh told the group that many in his world considered a high crime to make contact and have conversations with “subsouls” — we people here on earth. As it turns out, the actual existence or reality of subsouls was a topic of heated debate in the world of Ummm. All beings of Ummm at least acknowledged the existence of human beings, but most consider physical human beings to be “unreal,” in the same way that we consider our dreams unreal, perhaps. Also, most Source Souls think that the perception of physical beings by any Source Souls was a form of mental illness, and that human beings are hallucinations.

But even while acknowledging that human beings were the “unreal dreams or hallucinations” in the minds of the Source Souls, it seems that hallucinations that are nurtured too much could somehow take on a greater reality and cause trouble in Ummm.

You might say that the Source Souls of Ummm feared human beings in the same way that certain people here might fear demons or ghosts, which may or may not be real, yet still have the potential to cause a lot of trouble if they are fooled around with. You never know.

Bosh was in trouble and had been placed on death row because it was his contention that we humans are not hallucinations, but real and legitimate creatures that served a healthy purpose in the minds of the Source Souls. Bosh believed that humans are the personification of the symbolic beliefs of the Source Souls, and that with our lives we act out the greater spiritual and subconscious dramas of his kind — and indeed, without us subsouls, Bosh maintained that a normal life for the Source Souls would be impossible.

It was for this that Bosh was to be executed.

Margarita put it this way: “He’s kind of like the Socrates of his world. Socratese was an advanced thinker — so advanced and controversial that others in ancient Greece feared him and decided that he must die. Socrates went willingly to his death, killing himself by drinking Hemlock. But Bosh does not want to be killed.”

One bitter cold January night when the group met at Margarita’s home, the first thing Bosh said when they made contact with him through the Ouija Board was:


As I said, some thought it was funny, but other were genuinely worried and deeply upset. Glenn asked Bosh: “But Bosh, how can we help? How can we prevent you from being killed? We have no power to affect what’s going on in Ummm? Or do we?”

Bosh answered: “Of course, the connection goes both ways. Your connection to me is obvious. Some of you have genuine feelings for me — love — just as if I was made from the physical flesh on your plain, on Earth. This feeling is your pipeline to me.”

Glenn said: “Okay, but how can we use that to help you? And anyway, I thought you said there was no such thing as death?”

Many in the room could almost feel the exasperation of Bosh, who was now in the position now of trying to explain the complex metaphysical ramifications of life and death, and that even though there was not such thing as death, he was still in some kind of trouble.

Bosh “yelled” through the ghostly Ouija Board connection:


Margarita asked Bosh: “Tell me if I’m getting this right … You are about to be altered against your will by the authorities of Ummm, right?”

Bosh pushed the oracle swiftly up to the “Yes” on the Ouija Board.

Margarita continued: “The result is that you will no longer believe in us enough to even communicate with us?”

Bosh again pushed swiftly to “Yes”

Margarita said: “And after you are altered, maybe we can make strenuous efforts from our side to initiate communication with you again, using as our guide beacon our love for you as a fellow intelligent entity existing in the universe?”

Bosh soared over to “Yes!”

And before Margarita could get another question out, Bosh pushed the oracle to: “Good-bye.”

Margarita and Glenn were stunned for a moment, and then, almost as if in denial, they began calling to Bosh, asking him to come through, again and again. But the oracle only sat motionless on the Board — Bosh was gone.

After Bosh died, Margarita quit the group, and shortly after that, the rest of the club broke up as well. Maragarita and her fiancee never reconciled.

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Alternate Dimensional Death Sentence! A True Story (Part I)

multidimensional-human-300x248Note: The following story took place in Kittson (Minnesota) and Pembina (North Dakota) counties. Names have been changed at the request of the people who gave me this story. They swear it is 100 percent true. You decide.

By Ken Korczak


When this desperate message came through, none of the people gathered around Margarita’s kitchen table knew what to do. Some thought it was funny, but to others, it was deeply disturbing.

But even those who thought it was funny had to admit they were more than a little worried about their friend, Bosh.

Even the most skeptical of the group were surprised at how “real” Bosh had become to them. Some couldn’t imagine what it would be like if Bosh died. It would be like losing a dear friend.

Over the past six months, it was almost as if Bosh had become another “ordinary” resident of this small northern Minnesota community — a “regular” among these people who met once a week in each other’s homes to discuss the paranormal.

But Bosh was not from northern Minnesota. Not even close. He was not from this world. Bosh was an entity from another dimension.

The only way Bosh could communicate with his Minnesota friends was through a channel opened by an Ouija Board, and sometimes through one member of the group, Margarita, who had some skill with the esoteric art of automatic writing.

They originally set out to contact human spirits through the Ouija board, but one day, Bosh came through, and said that he was not human, and no spirit.

Where did Bosh exist? According to him, he lived in one of the numerous “Overworlds,” he called it — a dimension of existence which surrounds our own dimension. You might call it a parallel universe tangential to our own, and intricately interactive with our own.

Bosh calls his world “Ummm.” He calls it that because he says that all realms of the universe exist within certain vibration patterns, and the steady sound of “ummmmmmmm…” would best describe the vibration quality of his dimension.

Some of the beings of Ummm can see us, but we can’t see them. But actually, “see” is a misnomer because Bosh and his kind don’t have any eyes.

Perhaps the best way to describe Bosh is that he is an energy being who perceives his (Bosh is actually not a he or she, but a “multi-sex being, so from here on I’ll refer to him as he/she/it) universe through entirely different part of the spectrum than the narrow vibration band we live within.

Despite all their differences, the beings of Ummm are intimately related to the lives of people here on “our side,” says Bosh. In fact, they may be our creators.

When the group first contacted Bosh and started a dialogue with him/she/it they were delighted and sometimes laughed their heads off at the crazy things he/she/it told them. For example, Bosh said:

• All of us — we humans — have counter-parts of themselves existing in other realms, including Ummm.

• In Ummm, these counter-parts are “multiple beings.” This has major implications for us humans here in solid, physical reality. Bosh says that we humans, although we don’t know it, are actually multiple people, but we’re too blind and limited to see it or know it.

Bosh explains it this way: “Every one of you have a number of ‘soul-kin’ living on Earth with you. You all come from an individual Source Soul here in Ummm. There are many Soul Sources here. You are all individuals, but yet have the same identity in the fact that you share a Soul Source with perhaps 10 or 20 other people, sometimes many more.”

Each Source Soul lives as an integrated entity in Ummm, although each casts multiple personalities into our Earthly dimension. They do so — and this is weird — through mental illness.

In other words, according to Bosh, we human beings exist only as the products of mentally ill Source Souls who live in another dimension. It’s like we humans are their hallucinations — and naturally this was a very uncomfortable idea to many of the group who met regularly to channel Bosh.

But wait …

According to Bosh, it seems that other thinkers of Ummm argue that personality projections — we humans on Earth — are definitely not a result of mental illness, but rather constitute a healthy and even necessary unconscious learning experience for each Source Soul. In effect, we are like the dream characters of the beings of Ummm, acting out their subconscious dilemmas.

Either way, we exist as projections of the minds of the Source Souls of Ummm. Bosh belongs to the latter school, believing that we humans are healthy projections, and in fact, should be considered legitimate living beings in our own right.

As you will soon see, this belief of Bosh’s has gotten him into a lot of hot water. We’ll get to that later.

In the meantime, the fact that we humans share a Source Soul with several other humans on this earth accounts for a lot of what goes on here. As Bosh said, for example, one Source Soul can project perhaps 10, 20 or even hundreds of individual souls into Earth reality. According to Bosh, this soul sharing phenomena is what accounts for “love at first sight.”

Spelling it out on the Ouija Board, Bosh said: “Sometimes a man meets a woman and it’s like they are both hit with a bolt of electricity. They are instantly attracted to each other because they subconsciously recognize that they are one and the same Being — they both come from the same Source Soul.”

This explains how some lovers think: “It’s like I’ve always known you, all my life! It’s like we were meant for each other!”

This is probably where the human term “soul mate” comes from, Bosh said. It’s a subconscious recognition that they are actually two distinct manifestations of the same Source Soul located in Ummm.

Another amazing thing Bosh told the group:

Most human beings identify with just one sex, while some with both, as in bisexuals. But the fact is, all human beings are “multi-sexual” beings, although they don’t know it.

Bosh said there are actually seven sexes: male, female, tra, amma, sindu, jindu, tra’nn, and bal’nn. Each sex can express itself individually, or in multiple form.

For those among us humans who cannot imagine what a sex beyond male and female would be like, Bosh at least tried to give an explanation his human friends could grasp.

Bosh said: “Perhaps some of you have felt a sexual rush in a situation that wasn’t sexual in the normal way you think of it. For example, some artists when they deeply express their art may feel an actual sexual rush. A prime example are intense rock-and-roll musicians who clearly have an aura of sexuality about them as they play intense music on electric guitars. They feel sexual, as well as exude a sexual aura. That’s why young girls go wild over rock stars and why men love the sexy voice of a female, or another male, depending on their sexual orientation.

“Sexual excitement in connection with artistic achievement is a prime example of tra,” Bosh said. And then he made this astonishing claim:

“Indeed, no human reproduction can happen without the creation of music. On your level, you don’t realize that music is actually a biological process. Without music, there could be no fertilization just as there could be no fertilization without a sperm and an egg.

“Why else do you think music is so pervasive and makes you feel so good?” Bosh asked his fascinated Minnesota friends. “You need more than just a man and a woman. You also need the sex of tra, which manifests itself as music in your realm”

One of the group asked: “What then, is a jindu? What sex is that?”

Bosh answered, spelling methodically across the Ouija Board: “Jindu is religious expression. Reproduction on your plain would also be impossible with the generation of what you think of as spiritual experience.”

One person asked: “But if that is so, how do atheists reproduce?”

Bosh answered: “Atheists have spiritual beliefs and experience, but they convince themselves such feeling don’t exist, or represent something else.”

Another person asked: “What is the Bal’nn sex?”

Bosh: “Bal’nn in your world manifests itself as the love of the grandparent or great grandparent for the baby and children. Without this kind of love, there could be no fertilization and no reproduction.”

Again, a skeptical member of the groups countered: “But all of my grandparents were dead before I was born. So if what you say is true, how could my parents have created me? How did they conceive? I had no love from any grandparents.”

Bosh answered easily: “No one dies. Your grandparents exist in their Source Soul, outside of time, and also they remain in their own time, alive as individuals. So even if they are not physically present on your plain, it does not mean they no longer exist. They still helped your parents get pregnant, believe me.”

Bosh frequently reminded his Minnesota friends that they were truly confused and confounded about the subject of time, and that this was a major source of suffering for human beings.

While the subject of the seven sexes kept Bosh answering questions for many days, this was only the beginning of dozens of bizarre revelations and observations which he/she/it bestowed upon the group.

One of the things that struck the group as odd and controversial was the the idea that the Soul Source beings in Ummm only project human beings into the Earthly plain through “mental illness.”

As it turns out, this subject leads directly to why Bosh had landed himself on Ummm’s “death row,” and why he would soon be pleading with his human friend in Minnesota to help him avoid his own execution in the realm of Ummm.

NEXT POST: Bosh languishes on “death row” while his Minnesota friends consider ways to save his life!

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Perseids a Bust For Me …. Again!

The date of August 12 looms huge in my mind year ’round. Every summer as that magical date approaches I wait on tenter hooks wondering in the skies will be clear or cloudy. Well, this year — Perseids 2006 — will go down as a bust. It was cloudy. Agony! We have been experiencing a drought here in northern Minnesota almost all summer. Every day and night has been “high and dry.” It’s been one star-paved night after another. But for just one night — August 12 – it was cloudy. Tonight, I see the sky will be clear again. Amateur astronomy is a harsh and fickle mistress!

Oh well, the night before, I saw about five lovely little meteors. I’ll go out tonight to see if I can catch any tardy Perseids. The chances of seeing more meteors than usual is still higher this close to Perseid D-Day.

If I see a meteor tonight, I’ll make a wish — and that wish will be for a clear, moonless night for August 12, Perseid Shower 2007!

Moose on the Loose

Here is a picture of young bull moose I took near my home recently. Sadly, moose are on the rapid decline here in northwest Minnesota. Scientists blame global warming which has allowed more parasites which infect moose to proliferate. Warmer weather is also stressing moose. The latest count showed only about 200 moose in all of NW Minnesota.  Click on the image to enlarge!


Get Ready for Perseid Meteor Showers! Aug. 12!

By Ken Korczak

My favorite day — or I should say night — of the year is almost here again! August 12 is the annual Perseid meteor shower! Throughout the years, the Perseids have been one of the most realiable meteor shower events, sometimes producing truly spectacular displays of zipping and steaking falling stars. Most of them tend to be small, greenish-tinted zips of fire — but if you’re lucky, you’ll see some real fireballs, or near fireball meteors.

I have stayed up all night for the Perseids on every cloudless Aug. 12 night for at least 35 years now. I’ll always remember one incredible night in the mid-1970s when I saw hundreds of meteors, including one burst of about 10 or 15 meteors all coming down at once. Sometimes the Perseids have been a real dud, though. I recall several Perseid showers that were not really showers at all, but just a few tiny meteors to show for a long sleepless night of craning one’s neck skyward. Still, it’s always worth it.

Nothing is worse for me than thick cloud cover on Aug. 12. It’s agonzing to think that fantastic bright meteors are streaking across the velvet black night sky, glittering with stars, and all I see is a moldy black sky shrouded by clouds.

<>Anyway, make a note on your calander. August 12. Perseid meteor shower. Be there.