Get Ready for Perseid Meteor Showers! Aug. 12!

By Ken Korczak

My favorite day — or I should say night — of the year is almost here again! August 12 is the annual Perseid meteor shower! Throughout the years, the Perseids have been one of the most realiable meteor shower events, sometimes producing truly spectacular displays of zipping and steaking falling stars. Most of them tend to be small, greenish-tinted zips of fire — but if you’re lucky, you’ll see some real fireballs, or near fireball meteors.

I have stayed up all night for the Perseids on every cloudless Aug. 12 night for at least 35 years now. I’ll always remember one incredible night in the mid-1970s when I saw hundreds of meteors, including one burst of about 10 or 15 meteors all coming down at once. Sometimes the Perseids have been a real dud, though. I recall several Perseid showers that were not really showers at all, but just a few tiny meteors to show for a long sleepless night of craning one’s neck skyward. Still, it’s always worth it.

Nothing is worse for me than thick cloud cover on Aug. 12. It’s agonzing to think that fantastic bright meteors are streaking across the velvet black night sky, glittering with stars, and all I see is a moldy black sky shrouded by clouds.

<>Anyway, make a note on your calander. August 12. Perseid meteor shower. Be there.

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