Perseids a Bust For Me …. Again!

The date of August 12 looms huge in my mind year ’round. Every summer as that magical date approaches I wait on tenter hooks wondering in the skies will be clear or cloudy. Well, this year — Perseids 2006 — will go down as a bust. It was cloudy. Agony! We have been experiencing a drought here in northern Minnesota almost all summer. Every day and night has been “high and dry.” It’s been one star-paved night after another. But for just one night — August 12 – it was cloudy. Tonight, I see the sky will be clear again. Amateur astronomy is a harsh and fickle mistress!

Oh well, the night before, I saw about five lovely little meteors. I’ll go out tonight to see if I can catch any tardy Perseids. The chances of seeing more meteors than usual is still higher this close to Perseid D-Day.

If I see a meteor tonight, I’ll make a wish — and that wish will be for a clear, moonless night for August 12, Perseid Shower 2007!

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