Alternate Dimensional Death Sentence! A True Story (Part I)

multidimensional-human-300x248Note: The following story took place in Kittson (Minnesota) and Pembina (North Dakota) counties. Names have been changed at the request of the people who gave me this story. They swear it is 100 percent true. You decide.

By Ken Korczak


When this desperate message came through, none of the people gathered around Margarita’s kitchen table knew what to do. Some thought it was funny, but to others, it was deeply disturbing.

But even those who thought it was funny had to admit they were more than a little worried about their friend, Bosh.

Even the most skeptical of the group were surprised at how “real” Bosh had become to them. Some couldn’t imagine what it would be like if Bosh died. It would be like losing a dear friend.

Over the past six months, it was almost as if Bosh had become another “ordinary” resident of this small northern Minnesota community — a “regular” among these people who met once a week in each other’s homes to discuss the paranormal.

But Bosh was not from northern Minnesota. Not even close. He was not from this world. Bosh was an entity from another dimension.

The only way Bosh could communicate with his Minnesota friends was through a channel opened by an Ouija Board, and sometimes through one member of the group, Margarita, who had some skill with the esoteric art of automatic writing.

They originally set out to contact human spirits through the Ouija board, but one day, Bosh came through, and said that he was not human, and no spirit.

Where did Bosh exist? According to him, he lived in one of the numerous “Overworlds,” he called it — a dimension of existence which surrounds our own dimension. You might call it a parallel universe tangential to our own, and intricately interactive with our own.

Bosh calls his world “Ummm.” He calls it that because he says that all realms of the universe exist within certain vibration patterns, and the steady sound of “ummmmmmmm…” would best describe the vibration quality of his dimension.

Some of the beings of Ummm can see us, but we can’t see them. But actually, “see” is a misnomer because Bosh and his kind don’t have any eyes.

Perhaps the best way to describe Bosh is that he is an energy being who perceives his (Bosh is actually not a he or she, but a “multi-sex being, so from here on I’ll refer to him as he/she/it) universe through entirely different part of the spectrum than the narrow vibration band we live within.

Despite all their differences, the beings of Ummm are intimately related to the lives of people here on “our side,” says Bosh. In fact, they may be our creators.

When the group first contacted Bosh and started a dialogue with him/she/it they were delighted and sometimes laughed their heads off at the crazy things he/she/it told them. For example, Bosh said:

• All of us — we humans — have counter-parts of themselves existing in other realms, including Ummm.

• In Ummm, these counter-parts are “multiple beings.” This has major implications for us humans here in solid, physical reality. Bosh says that we humans, although we don’t know it, are actually multiple people, but we’re too blind and limited to see it or know it.

Bosh explains it this way: “Every one of you have a number of ‘soul-kin’ living on Earth with you. You all come from an individual Source Soul here in Ummm. There are many Soul Sources here. You are all individuals, but yet have the same identity in the fact that you share a Soul Source with perhaps 10 or 20 other people, sometimes many more.”

Each Source Soul lives as an integrated entity in Ummm, although each casts multiple personalities into our Earthly dimension. They do so — and this is weird — through mental illness.

In other words, according to Bosh, we human beings exist only as the products of mentally ill Source Souls who live in another dimension. It’s like we humans are their hallucinations — and naturally this was a very uncomfortable idea to many of the group who met regularly to channel Bosh.

But wait …

According to Bosh, it seems that other thinkers of Ummm argue that personality projections — we humans on Earth — are definitely not a result of mental illness, but rather constitute a healthy and even necessary unconscious learning experience for each Source Soul. In effect, we are like the dream characters of the beings of Ummm, acting out their subconscious dilemmas.

Either way, we exist as projections of the minds of the Source Souls of Ummm. Bosh belongs to the latter school, believing that we humans are healthy projections, and in fact, should be considered legitimate living beings in our own right.

As you will soon see, this belief of Bosh’s has gotten him into a lot of hot water. We’ll get to that later.

In the meantime, the fact that we humans share a Source Soul with several other humans on this earth accounts for a lot of what goes on here. As Bosh said, for example, one Source Soul can project perhaps 10, 20 or even hundreds of individual souls into Earth reality. According to Bosh, this soul sharing phenomena is what accounts for “love at first sight.”

Spelling it out on the Ouija Board, Bosh said: “Sometimes a man meets a woman and it’s like they are both hit with a bolt of electricity. They are instantly attracted to each other because they subconsciously recognize that they are one and the same Being — they both come from the same Source Soul.”

This explains how some lovers think: “It’s like I’ve always known you, all my life! It’s like we were meant for each other!”

This is probably where the human term “soul mate” comes from, Bosh said. It’s a subconscious recognition that they are actually two distinct manifestations of the same Source Soul located in Ummm.

Another amazing thing Bosh told the group:

Most human beings identify with just one sex, while some with both, as in bisexuals. But the fact is, all human beings are “multi-sexual” beings, although they don’t know it.

Bosh said there are actually seven sexes: male, female, tra, amma, sindu, jindu, tra’nn, and bal’nn. Each sex can express itself individually, or in multiple form.

For those among us humans who cannot imagine what a sex beyond male and female would be like, Bosh at least tried to give an explanation his human friends could grasp.

Bosh said: “Perhaps some of you have felt a sexual rush in a situation that wasn’t sexual in the normal way you think of it. For example, some artists when they deeply express their art may feel an actual sexual rush. A prime example are intense rock-and-roll musicians who clearly have an aura of sexuality about them as they play intense music on electric guitars. They feel sexual, as well as exude a sexual aura. That’s why young girls go wild over rock stars and why men love the sexy voice of a female, or another male, depending on their sexual orientation.

“Sexual excitement in connection with artistic achievement is a prime example of tra,” Bosh said. And then he made this astonishing claim:

“Indeed, no human reproduction can happen without the creation of music. On your level, you don’t realize that music is actually a biological process. Without music, there could be no fertilization just as there could be no fertilization without a sperm and an egg.

“Why else do you think music is so pervasive and makes you feel so good?” Bosh asked his fascinated Minnesota friends. “You need more than just a man and a woman. You also need the sex of tra, which manifests itself as music in your realm”

One of the group asked: “What then, is a jindu? What sex is that?”

Bosh answered, spelling methodically across the Ouija Board: “Jindu is religious expression. Reproduction on your plain would also be impossible with the generation of what you think of as spiritual experience.”

One person asked: “But if that is so, how do atheists reproduce?”

Bosh answered: “Atheists have spiritual beliefs and experience, but they convince themselves such feeling don’t exist, or represent something else.”

Another person asked: “What is the Bal’nn sex?”

Bosh: “Bal’nn in your world manifests itself as the love of the grandparent or great grandparent for the baby and children. Without this kind of love, there could be no fertilization and no reproduction.”

Again, a skeptical member of the groups countered: “But all of my grandparents were dead before I was born. So if what you say is true, how could my parents have created me? How did they conceive? I had no love from any grandparents.”

Bosh answered easily: “No one dies. Your grandparents exist in their Source Soul, outside of time, and also they remain in their own time, alive as individuals. So even if they are not physically present on your plain, it does not mean they no longer exist. They still helped your parents get pregnant, believe me.”

Bosh frequently reminded his Minnesota friends that they were truly confused and confounded about the subject of time, and that this was a major source of suffering for human beings.

While the subject of the seven sexes kept Bosh answering questions for many days, this was only the beginning of dozens of bizarre revelations and observations which he/she/it bestowed upon the group.

One of the things that struck the group as odd and controversial was the the idea that the Soul Source beings in Ummm only project human beings into the Earthly plain through “mental illness.”

As it turns out, this subject leads directly to why Bosh had landed himself on Ummm’s “death row,” and why he would soon be pleading with his human friend in Minnesota to help him avoid his own execution in the realm of Ummm.

NEXT POST: Bosh languishes on “death row” while his Minnesota friends consider ways to save his life!

Also, for more stories like this, see my full-length book:


40 thoughts on “Alternate Dimensional Death Sentence! A True Story (Part I)

  1. Being the product of some over-soul’s mental illness goes a long way toward explaining many things about humanity.

    I’m enjoying the heck out of your blog! Keep the stories coming!

  2. This is really cool! They should make a movie about it!!!!
    Maybe I should make a movie about it – lol – just think – all of us – only in a sick soul’s mind!!! Luv it!

  3. Well…that sure makes you think…it’s kind of creepy to think that we are the product of some..he/she/it’s…..mental illness. Very interesting though.

  4. Wow. If that really is true… it confirms a couple of theories I’ve had for years about the nature of death and reincarnation, and the whole “mental illness” thing is really similar to my theory that we might be the dream creations of another universe. It’s bizarre, but it makes so much sense.

  5. Dont be fooled by those stories of demons, …the only One that can give you life is the Lord God Jesus Christ of nazareth, there really nothing else apart from Him that is the Truth, and the Way and the Life..

  6. This kinda sounds like the alternate world that was revealed in Men in Black II. Each being is connected to the next via a doorway which enters a larger world/dimention. For those of you who have not seen MIB II. There was a locker which was opened and it revealed small alien beings which worshiped the human who first opened the door and gave them a wrist watch which these small aliens worshiped and had centered in their ‘locker universe’ in a Sun type position. At the end of MIB II, Will Smith opens a door and he then sees that the outside of his door is actually a locker door and there is a giant world outside his door.

    We could continue on forever with the idea that we are the products of some other more supreme being’s existence excreted through their mental debris.

    This is not a new idea.

  7. “Bosh answered easily: “No one dies.” So how can Bosch be on “death row”? How can they be “coming to kill” him/she/it?

    1. maybe death is not the word he would use. maybe he used kill/death because he spoke to them like children. As to say “your dog is only sleeping”

  8. I can believe this…… the asian culture, shamans travel mentallly to other dimensions to treat illnesses, curses and other things. They travel in a tranced state. They see deceased ones on the other side and…….what can i say, everything ispossible on that other dimension side……….yea only chosen people can become shamans, chosen at birth by some entity. Yea just to let yall know a little about asian culture

  9. I personally don’t gas what the majority of the um… think. I AM an individual sentient being. Granted I don’t know nor am I aware of my totality. But this is not to say I am unaware of certain aspects either. Power controls everything (including the um…). Basically sounds to me like bosch, as are all humans, trapped by their very own perception and the energy they have at hand.
    Does it matter how you came to be?
    This is like asking why you woke up.
    All the really matters is that you do.
    I have NO sympathy for bosch.

  10. interesting..
    i agree with john…these are stories of demons..
    i have read into aspects of the supernatural in different religions..and some of the things i read in this article..reminded me of things i read from the religion of is believed that there are two types of demons..ones that believe in God and avoid human contact and live their lives much like we do..and there are ones that do not believe in God and reject Him and are damned for eternity..these are the ones who are after humans to harm them emotionally/physically/mentally..disturb their faith..confuse them..and have them question even their existence..
    it is also believed in islam that each human individual has a demon-mate or what is called Qar’in (i hope i wrote it right)..who spends each moment with the person..and remains on earth even after the person they know everything about the person..his/her surroundings and experiences..likes and this demon-mate is usually one that influences bad thoughts and actions..and is a non-believing demon..
    you know all those people who claim to reach the spirit of a certain someone? and speak to it?..THAT’S NOT THE PERSON..IT’S THEIR DEMON-MATE!!! some of you might go..
    well ok? does what you said relate to the article???…
    just go over what you read in your head..and compare it to what i just will totally make sense!!!

  11. Interesting, if true.

    It’s a bit confusing, and I don’t know really what my ultimate ‘verdict’ is on it yet…

    I’ll read the next part before I make a judgement.

  12. Am from a south east Asian country. I have been told from a young age that all people have 7 other people(twins) who look exactly like them on earth, living their own life separately.

    sort of like natalie portman and keira nightly and how they look really alike.

  13. That is good entertainment, all this communication from Bosh.

    What we want to obtain is something useful from Bosh, like how to make money big, easy, and quick.

    If any entity through the Ouija Board enables people to make big easy quick money, then it will have absolute credibility.

  14. i think that this makes so much sence. and that there is so much in this world that people don’t bother knowing about, or even tend to open they’re minds to see what could really be out there. there is to much fake reality in the world, people need to stop being selfish and to see what is really going on around this world, in it, and everything. people are monseters.

  15. Interesting concepts displayed here. Alot can be explained in the paradigm described by Bosch even though it is far fetched. But then again what truth is not far fetched?

  16. Why is it that all these beings that get contacted by mediums,through seances and so on give different stories? I mean it seems that all these beings are just lying to people, no matter how enlightened they seem. I just wouldn’t trust anything they say.

  17. I think that Bosh and all the people involved and all other entities in Bosh’s universe are the product of one even bigger over-soul, namely:” Ken Korczak.
    I don’t want to go as far as to say that they are all the product of Kens’ “mental illness” as long as Ken doesn’t really believe what he is writing here.
    I like the story though, even with the inconsistency of the concept of death in Bosh’s universe of immortal souls, and I will read on if I can find the other episodes of this story.

  18. this story really is something. but doesnt change what human experience is. why is it a shocker that mankind is a mental illness. haha.

  19. looks like im a latecomer to the blog altho i will pass the word of it onto a friend of mine with like interests. i am writing a novel involving alternate dimensions based on the new physics theories. however in the inventing of my own story, i have music as a synchronisation tool for what dimension you can synch yourself with. i am not surprised if there is a universal truth tthere somewhere. also that everything basically is what came together to what mde you “be” is true if you think about it. think of just how many people had to get together before you to make you? and if just 1 of them didnt make the date on time,you wouldnt “be” at all. it doesnt seem odd to include the music they listen to,hell,the whole environment sort of conspiring together to meake you & i be here,now,in this way. I do beleve this is a demon however remember demons use truths to make the lies believable. Keep it as a really cool story,on that level and let yourself be entertained by it,theres nithing wrong in that.

  20. Oh dear…I’m utterly hooked now and for the next several nights will not sleep enough as I’ll be scouring the ‘net for your stories, adventures, and session notes.
    As to the concern that the board can channel evil? Well, I believe it is all in your intent. It’s a tool, only, after all-neither good or bad. A pen is not evil, but the message written can be. But then again, the meaning of “evil” is subjective, as well as “virtue” is. And it could be said that good is simply another part of bad-that those distinctions are, in fact, part of one whole and not discrete from one another, at all.
    Some physicists theorize that all that has ever been still exists in fragmented or “scrambled” form at the edges of the universe-which makes sense to me as I’ve always felt it important to watch what I put out into the world I inhabit, and the intent that is behind the expression. What does my energy, my mind, my essence create in this reality? And how do I effect others-or can I? It would seem obvious that we have an effect on each other, but perhaps it goes much deeper and further as we are more truly “one” than we can know. What do my dreams, my madness breathe into existence, if anything? And could my dreams walk and speak and dream others to life? A chain of crazed creators? And are anti-psychotics a form of birth control?! Ha! Well, at the very,very least? It’s lovely to exercise the mind with all your writing brings to the fore! Thank you!

  21. So what is amma, sindu, and tra’nn? I thought the part about sexes was interesting but he didn’t finish explaining. lol

  22. So what is amma, sindu, and tra’nn? I thought the part about sexes was interesting but he didn’t finish explaining. lol

  23. Well, he just explains that there is no death so there should be no issue of his/her death sentence. Talk about souls mental illness … That’s explains a lot about reincarnation, they use physical lessons to correct their mental issue. Our humanly lives are only for their spiritual use… Gee what a job!!!

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