Alternate Dimension Death Sentence! –Part II

NOTE: This is Part II of the Bosh story. To read Part I, just scroll down to find it! Also, a reminder, this story is true, according to the people I interviewed about these events.

By Ken Korczak

In the previous post, I introduced you to a group of people mostly from Kittson and Pembina counties who met regularly to discuss and practice paranormal activities. Using an Ouija Board, and sometimes via the process of automatic writing, they came into contact with a friendly and fascinating entity that called itself Bosh.

Bosh was not a “ghost” or “spirit,” but claimed to be a kind of “energy being” who existed in a dimension of reality that is higher than our own, a dimension in which our own dimension is contained. In other words, our world and even the people in our world are like “shadows” projected from this greater dimension of reality.

Bosh claimed that many people here on Earth were actually the children of the beings that live in Bosh’s world. Bosh called these beings “Source Souls,” because they project physical beings — ordinary people — into our dimension.

These Source Souls are actually our own souls, except, in most cases, we do not own those souls exclusively or as individuals. It would be more accurate to say that the Source Souls “owned” us because they are the ones who project us. Not only that, each Source Soul projects numerous people, not just one. This means that many people on Earth are actually members of the same Source Soul, and essentially, are one and the same being because they have their existence in the same Source.

To several members of the group, Bosh’s ideas were not only ridiculous, but insulting. Others thought Bosh was telling the truth, and was explaining a true reality. Still others didn’t believe that Bosh was even real. The discussion along these lines was often heated. Here is an example of what members of the group said about Bosh, and keep in mind, these are not the real names of the people:

BILL: “It’s obvious to me that Bosh is a figment of the subconscious minds of Margarita and Glenn because they are the only two who can contact him and channel him. When anybody else tries to talk to Bosh through the Ouija Board, it’s all silence, or all nonsense.”

Glenn: “There is no way that Bosh is a figment of my subconscious mind! When my hands are on the oracle, it moves absolutely by itself — I couldn’t think stuff like this up in a million years!”

MARGARITA: “I agree with Glenn. I’m not moving that thing either, and I just feel that Bosh is real — a real being in it’s own real world!”

LARS: “I think it’s extremely suspicious that Bosh’s so called Overworld sound so much like Plato’s idea about how everything in our Earthly dimension are just shadows of what is “real” in a higher dimension of perfect archetypes. Margarita, I’ve even heard you mention Plato’s ideas a couple of times. Couldn’t you just be subconsciously reformulating Plato’s theory in a fantasy form that manifests itself as Bosh?”

MARGARITA: “No way! There’s just no way! And maybe Plato’s ideas just adds more support for the existence of Bosh — Bosh exists in a world just like Plato said it existed.”

ALICE: “I agree with Lars, somewhat. I think it’s also suspicious that Margarita can channel Bosh through her automatic writing trance state, while no one else can contact him, not even Glenn who helps out Margarita on the Ouija Board.”

This kind of discussion disturbed Margarita because she had put so much of her personal life on the line for Bosh. In fact, her fiancee’ threatened to cancel their pending marriage if she didn’t give up channeling Bosh. Margarita refused to let go of Bosh, and her relationship ended.

It was just days after Margarita’s fiancee’ left her that Bosh got into serious trouble with the other Source Souls in the world of Ummm. In fact, Bosh now told the group that he was on death row, and that he needed them all to save him.

Lars told me this particular development supported his theory that Bosh existed only in the mind of Margarita, and somewhat in the mind of Glenn. He put it this way:

“Think about it. Margarita’s boyfriend dumps her, calls off their marriage because she won’t give up her crazy ideas. That’s a real crisis in her life. Then just as all this is happening, Bosh suddenly tells us he is on death row! How convenient! It’s obvious to me that Margarita is subconsciously trying to do what she couldn’t do up front — get rid of Bosh. Instead of simply giving him up like her boyfriend wanted, her subconscious mind has engineered a way for her to have it both ways. Bosh gets killed off, but remains real. At the same time, she no longer has to put up with him, and maybe her boyfriend will come back to her. It all fits!”

Well, that was Lars’ opinion, but other members of the group disagreed strongly, telling me that Margarita was a very “centered” person who was not capable of fooling herself so thoroughly.

Elton told me: “If Margarita and Glenn say Bosh is real, then you can bet your farm that he is real! Glenn used to be a cop, for God’s sake. He’s naturally suspicious and not easily fooled! He’s a real skeptic.”

As the debate on this side of the dimension went on, the group decided to get Bosh himself in on the debate over his own reality. Lars asked Bosh: “If you are really a Source Soul and a member of a world that is a higher dimension of our own, how come you have so much ordinary human-like strife? For beings that are supposed to be our very souls, you don’t seem to have your act together.”

Bosh answered, spelling across the Ouija Board under the hands of Margarita and Glenn: “First of all, you must realize that just because I have my existence here in the Soul Source level does not mean I or my kind are perfect and all-knowing. We’re not gods. There is a lot of controversy here, a lot of unknowns. Some think the projection of you human “soulings” or “subsouls” is a kind of mental illness — a fragmenting of the wholeness of the Soul Source personality — so to speak.”

He continued: “But others argue that the projection of subsouls is actually a learning process, that we Source Souls project “subsouls” into the physical realm as a way to work out certain metaphysical problems, and to grow in knowledge,”

One of the groups asked: “So, Bosh, do you have subsouls projected into our world?”

Bosh answered, again moving across the alphabet of the Ouija Board: “No, I am sterile. I am considered a kind of freak in my world because I do not have sindu or amma nature. I was born without them. Sometimes you humans give birth to sexual neutrals as well. These occurrences have their source on our level, and they happen for complex reasons.”

Lars asked: “Why are you being detained on death row? Why are you going to be killed by your companions in Ummm?”

Bosh told the group that many in his world considered a high crime to make contact and have conversations with “subsouls” — we people here on earth. As it turns out, the actual existence or reality of subsouls was a topic of heated debate in the world of Ummm. All beings of Ummm at least acknowledged the existence of human beings, but most consider physical human beings to be “unreal,” in the same way that we consider our dreams unreal, perhaps. Also, most Source Souls think that the perception of physical beings by any Source Souls was a form of mental illness, and that human beings are hallucinations.

But even while acknowledging that human beings were the “unreal dreams or hallucinations” in the minds of the Source Souls, it seems that hallucinations that are nurtured too much could somehow take on a greater reality and cause trouble in Ummm.

You might say that the Source Souls of Ummm feared human beings in the same way that certain people here might fear demons or ghosts, which may or may not be real, yet still have the potential to cause a lot of trouble if they are fooled around with. You never know.

Bosh was in trouble and had been placed on death row because it was his contention that we humans are not hallucinations, but real and legitimate creatures that served a healthy purpose in the minds of the Source Souls. Bosh believed that humans are the personification of the symbolic beliefs of the Source Souls, and that with our lives we act out the greater spiritual and subconscious dramas of his kind — and indeed, without us subsouls, Bosh maintained that a normal life for the Source Souls would be impossible.

It was for this that Bosh was to be executed.

Margarita put it this way: “He’s kind of like the Socrates of his world. Socratese was an advanced thinker — so advanced and controversial that others in ancient Greece feared him and decided that he must die. Socrates went willingly to his death, killing himself by drinking Hemlock. But Bosh does not want to be killed.”

One bitter cold January night when the group met at Margarita’s home, the first thing Bosh said when they made contact with him through the Ouija Board was:


As I said, some thought it was funny, but other were genuinely worried and deeply upset. Glenn asked Bosh: “But Bosh, how can we help? How can we prevent you from being killed? We have no power to affect what’s going on in Ummm? Or do we?”

Bosh answered: “Of course, the connection goes both ways. Your connection to me is obvious. Some of you have genuine feelings for me — love — just as if I was made from the physical flesh on your plain, on Earth. This feeling is your pipeline to me.”

Glenn said: “Okay, but how can we use that to help you? And anyway, I thought you said there was no such thing as death?”

Many in the room could almost feel the exasperation of Bosh, who was now in the position now of trying to explain the complex metaphysical ramifications of life and death, and that even though there was not such thing as death, he was still in some kind of trouble.

Bosh “yelled” through the ghostly Ouija Board connection:


Margarita asked Bosh: “Tell me if I’m getting this right … You are about to be altered against your will by the authorities of Ummm, right?”

Bosh pushed the oracle swiftly up to the “Yes” on the Ouija Board.

Margarita continued: “The result is that you will no longer believe in us enough to even communicate with us?”

Bosh again pushed swiftly to “Yes”

Margarita said: “And after you are altered, maybe we can make strenuous efforts from our side to initiate communication with you again, using as our guide beacon our love for you as a fellow intelligent entity existing in the universe?”

Bosh soared over to “Yes!”

And before Margarita could get another question out, Bosh pushed the oracle to: “Good-bye.”

Margarita and Glenn were stunned for a moment, and then, almost as if in denial, they began calling to Bosh, asking him to come through, again and again. But the oracle only sat motionless on the Board — Bosh was gone.

After Bosh died, Margarita quit the group, and shortly after that, the rest of the club broke up as well. Maragarita and her fiancee never reconciled.

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11 thoughts on “Alternate Dimension Death Sentence! –Part II

  1. Bosch is just another winer.
    OMG! I can’t connect! Whatever will I do!?
    so you mean to tell me that after ALL your uoija sessions and bosch communiques this is what you offer up?
    Spare us all.
    You going to have to do MUCH better than this drivel

  2. I doubt that that was Bosh, even if ‘it’ does exist.

    I really don’t know what to think of this, but to be perfectly honest, I’m skeptical.

  3. it seems kind of arrogant on Bosh’s culture’s (/Margarita’s) part to assume they generate humans, rather than humans combining to form ummms* (like the seven souls of ancient Egypt) or being disparate emergences of another substrata of consciousness.

    Who did Bosh say were their human progeny?

    And if they didn’t experience time as humans do, how did they sneak up on Bosh like that? Did they somehow obscure Bosh’s future from them? Why could Bosh not have fled?

    *was Margarita a fan of french animated sf movies? : P

  4. How could Bosh even have been born without death or time?
    It sounds so much like Philip that I even looked up the link to the Philip experiment before I got here, and what is the first response to this story I read :”

    J Says:
    October 16, 2006 at 1:42 am | Reply

    Sounds like a ‘Philip’ situation from the Canadian group.

    This is not coincidence but everything leads to this conclusion.
    And then there is this part about Margarita ” killing of Bosh ” I think Ken mirrored himself there on her only in reality he killed of Bosh because he got stuck with his story when he couln;t figure out how to really convincingly kill Bosh in his ” dimension of immortal timeless no gods oversouls “.
    Man did he bit of more then he could chew with this story when he made up these super human but still very childish oversouls, I mean killing someone for his beliefs?
    Even us sub-souls are better than that most of the time.
    Let him have his mental illness, is it a crime to be sick all of a sudden?
    Bosh said so himself he was considered kind of a freak because he could not produce sub-souls because he was wel,… born that way, so let me see, he was going to be killed for not being able to produce the results (us humans or “sub-souls”) of an officially declared mental illness which is the belief in sub-souls in the first place.
    Put it this way Bosh is the only sane entity in his world, sounds logical to me that Bosh is the ONLY entity in his own private Dreamworld and his real name is:” Ken Korczak.”

  5. aww c’mon ppl,doesn’ anyone wanna be entertained anymore? Even if it was all made up,it was a cute lil’ romp of wild imagination. And as far as the oiuja thing,well if anyone has ever done oiuja,they’d know it’s mostly hype,you do get half messages and sort of petered out little stories. Wouldnt surprise me at all if it was really from a couple of sessions. Good show anyway for a moments perusal!

    1. Yes, everyone should lighten up and enjoy. However, I can state catagorically that absoltuely none of this is “made up.” These are actual transcripts from actual Ouija board sessions. The Alternate Dimension stories were not from my own sessions, but I observed some of them — every word comes transcribed from Ouija work.

      All of my Ouija stories are also 100% true — that is, all transcripts derived from Ouija board sessions. I have recorded many thousands of pages over 43 years of ongoing sessions.

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