Cool Shrooms Grace My Stump

I know it’s only fungus, but I like it, I like it, yes I do!

Here is a photo of some shrooms growing on a high stump in my back yard. I have already wasted way too much time today trying to identify this species of mushroom, so I give up. If any of my gentle blog guests can identify these for me, please chime in.

I have been thinking about trying to eat these schrooms — so if I suddenly stop making posts here — you’ll know what happened.

Mycologists, those who study mushrooms, have a saying:

“There are old mycologists and bold mycologists, but there are no old, bold mycologists!” (click on photo to enlarge)


4 thoughts on “Cool Shrooms Grace My Stump

  1. Here’s an update, Minneso:

    Instead of trying the shrooms myself, I decided to be very kind to the Avon lady who frequented my door. Shed loved them! Curiously, I haven’t seen her back since.

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