The Starry Tunnel Ride: The OBE Path to Adventure

Ken Korczak:

In my ongoing experiments with out-of-body travel, the experience that has frightened, surprised and delighted me the most is something I call “the starry tunnel ride.”

Once I learned to control my fear of this strange experience, the starry tunnel ride has become an exhilarating, swooping, roller-coaster kind of trip for me. I use the term “starry tunnel” for lack of a better description. I’m not at all sure what this thing is, or even if it is a tunnel, per se. I’m not sure if the screaming points of light inside it are real stars. Just let me describe the experience to you, and I’ll let you make your own speculations.

Very often when I “detach” from my physical body and find myself “out” and floating above or beside my bed next to my sleeping body, I usually plummet right through the floor. Every time this happens — every time — I have the feeling that I should smash into the floor or get a mouthful of dirt beneath the house. (Note: I do not always detach from my body and just float up into the familiar surroundings of my bedroom, although I have experienced this many times. On those occasions when I do find myself hovering above my bed, it usually is not long before I get sucked into a tunnel. I have no idea why or how this works, I just know it happens.)

Once in the tunnel, I find myself being hurled along at tremendous speed in outer space — except it is not exactly open space; it is more like a tunnel through space.

Although I’m reluctant to make this analogy, the tunnel is much like the “worm hole” described in some science fiction books and movies. It almost seems to be a warp in space, although my starry tunnel is not quite as dramatic and psychedelic as the one depicted in the Star Trek movies .

I make the comparison with much reservation because I don’t want to strain your credulity. I’m not for a minute suggesting, nor do I even want to leave you with the impression that my starry tunnel is, in fact, a warp in space. That’s just too cute and too much like a pat science fiction convention. I’m just struggling for words here and for some everyday comparisons that will best relate my experience to you. Science fiction’s worm hole is just a handy, fictional invention (based on scientific conjecture) that seems to serve best here for descriptive purposes.

As I fly through the tunnel, I see and hear millions of tiny sparks, or points of light which stream by with a high-pitched whine. It’s a mild electrical sound not loud enough to be irritating or scary.

Sometimes the “stars” are quite vivid and appear as pinpoints of light. At other times they seem much less substantial. They can appear blurred and take on a liquid, run-together look.

Even though I now look forward to the crazy fun of the starry tunnel ride, sometimes hurling through this bizarre corridor is no picnic. The first few times I encountered it I was frightened out of my wits. I screamed, struggled against it, and always ended up aborting the experience by waking myself up — that is, waking up my physical body. (My mind is almost always awake and lucid throughout this entire experience).

One of the difficult things about the starry tunnel is that it’s hard to breathe inside it. It’s like being seated in a dive-bombing jet pulling “heavy G’s”. There is a feeling of being squeezed or pressed on the chest. It’s an out-of-control kind of event, like falling and not being able to grab onto anything to stop myself. But really, the starry tunnel is a tenuous place. I find I can abort from it with remarkable ease. In fact, if I fight the tunnel even slightly, it releases me immediately. (It’s interesting to note that this out-of-breath feeling is common to the sleep paralysis experience, which lends credence to the theory that the OBE is actually more akin to a lucid dream than actual out-of-body travel).

Anyway, it wasn’t until I learned to control my fear that I realized that the starry tunnel was nothing to fear at all. Instead, I’ve found it is a dazzling, delightful gateway into an infinite number of realms and universes — both our own universe and (seemingly) alternate ones.

Controlling fear is the key to successful use of the starry tunnel. (In fact, controlling fear is a major key to all aspects of out-of-body travel). And where does the starry tunnel lead? That’s the best part of all! In my next post, I’ll describe some of the mind-blowing, astounding locals the starry tunnel leads me to in the out-of-body world! Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “The Starry Tunnel Ride: The OBE Path to Adventure

  1. Hi Ken, I was fascinated to reaad your article.
    I discovered lucid dreaming naturally years ok, and have experienced the tunnel you describe. I called it an electrical tunnel.
    I have been asking similar questions to you over the years, and am still as unsure as you, but agree the experiances can be amazing.
    I sometimes get hypnogic images that are so clear I ,m really startled, and it is hard to imagine that you have produced them?

    I will write a gain and sure some expeiances when I get time.

    Best Wishes


  2. I heard that the tunnels were composed of angels (from Silvia Browne). Keep that in mind next time you see a tunnel and maybe you will be able to make them out. Good luck!

  3. ken
    thx for the grant ebook, I am so intrigued with spirts, ghost, phy or non phy intities, also what you call lucid dreaming i had heard sylvia brown speak of this as an out of body exp, I so want to have one but I cant or I know i do but do not recall doing so I am 25 so my sleeping pattern varies please help to acheive this great wonder I to want to go on a star tunnel ride 🙂

  4. Ken,
    I have been having the same tunnel experiences. Initially I was scarred because the sound (like a frieght train) keeps getting louder until I’m released onto the other side. In the last 12 or so years that I have had them, I have always been astounded but in the last year the experiences that I have encounter have become different. The other side is a realm of predictions into my future. I have never really believed in the psychic realm until now. In true honesty it’s something I never imagined and I’m a bit overwhelmed, like seeing a ghost or alien.
    All of my last 5 or 6 tunnel experiences have come true. This last psyhic OBE I had saved my mothers Life, which I am very thankful. I don’t take credit, someone (a voice) gave me the warning. Perhaps Susan’s right maybe Angels did create the tunnels. I’ll have to read up on Silvia Browne.
    I’m starting to believe that the tunnels are warm holes to other dimensions in time and space.
    If everything we experience in life happens in this present moment (like the moment you read this) why isn’t it possible that everything past, present and future is happening right now.
    We just can’t see the other dimensions because we’re tuned into this frequency of three dimensions.

  5. wow that sounds so beautiful im a would be traveller myself and im very close to leaving my body im expecting it to happen within the next two months.

  6. I thought I was the only one! I experience this and often I resist it which is not a good feeling. I don’t see any stars or anything but I am pushed along at enormous speed and ahead of me is the place I am being pushed into. I agree about the fact that you just don’t have control over where you are going. You are ‘delivered’ there. I wish people would research this so I can find out exactly what this is – is it just a form of consciousness, is it an out of body experience? what is it??!!! I don’t ever plan to experience this but it has happened many times. I want to have what is deemed an OBE (actually feeling that you are lifting above your body) but I wonder if this is actually one too. I have never felt the body hovering at all although I do always experience sleep paralysis after a ‘deep dream’ (which is what i call these). I only remember one of these dreams and in it I said ‘imagine if this happened’ and it did happen so I wondered if it was lucid or not. I am relieved to at least have found people who have experienced this. I think someone should set up a group specifically for this experience. I would love to find out what this actually is. I even thought that maybe we inhabit the consciousness of blood cells or something rushing around (by why would it be visual?)! I entertain all ideas. Please reply if anyone is interested in doing this.


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