Ken’s OBE Interview — Part III

NOTE: This is part three of an interview I did several years ago with a reporter — please go to the “astral travel” link to find parts I and II of the interview, or just scroll down!! And — hey! — thanks for visiting my blog today! Don’t forget to help yourself to the free tea and cucumber sandwiches in the lobby!

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SASHA: You say that time travel and even interdimensional travel is possible via the OBE. Could you describe one of those experiences for us?

KEN: Sure. One night I suddenly awoke from a deep sleep to find myself rising up out of my body. Before I could think about it, I was sucked into a Starry Tunnel. (Note: See other posts for a description of the Starry Tunnel). As usual I was blasted along—it was a rough ride at great speed. I popped out in a place that I immediately thought must be the surface of the moon. Blazing white mountain crags protruded like broken teeth on a near horizon. I could see many craters, and at my feet was the dusty waste of the lunar regolith. But to my amazement, the dust wasn’t pristine—it was covered and compacted with the tracks of heavy machinery!

In the distance I saw a number of artificial structures, obviously human-made, but futuristic looking. I jumped into the sky and flew in for a closer look. I quickly found myself among some kind of large-scale industrial operation. There were many people — men and women wearing close-fitting space suits that looked to made of flexible, plastic-metal. They were moving about…operating heavy machinery.

I surmised it was a futuristic moon mining facility. I investigated further and noticed a large metal and concrete plate on the surface—it was actually the roof of an underground dwelling environment. I floated over to it and passed through it, and found myself in a common area from which hallways led to a variety of long corridors with many doors.

I moved over to a large display on one of the walls of the common room, and there, among other things, I saw an electronic readout, including the time and a calender, saying the date was 2065. So I assumed I was about 70 years in the future at a mining operation on the moon. After exploring around a bit more in utter fascination, I returned to my physical body on earth.

SASHA : So this is not only an example of time travel, but space travel as well.

KEN: Yes, but remember that scientists tell us that space and time are actually two parts of the same thing, called space-time.

SASHA: Well, how is it that you ended up on the moon in the year 2065? Did you choose that destination before you induced your OBE?

KEN: No, that’s the mystery of the Starry Tunnel. It just takes me where it wants to. Where I end up is a kind of cosmic crap shoot. I have no control over destinations. I just accept and react to where I land, so to speak.

SASHA: Aren’t you afraid you’ll wind up somewhere horrifying or even deadly? I mean, you sound like a child playing with some kind of giant machine you don’t understand.

KEN: No. And in many years of Starry Tunnel travel, nothing negative has ever happened to me. I have been scared at times, to be sure, but I accept these situations as a positive challenges.

SASHA: What about the parallel universes you have mentioned?

KEN: Yes, one of the most fascinating aspects of the out-of-body experience involves alternate or parallel universes. As the theory goes, these other universes are removed from us spatially by additional dimensions.

In the field of quantum mechanics, scientists call alternate universe theory the “Many Worlds Interpretation.” It was first proposed in 1957 by the physicist Hugh Everett III. He came up with “Many Worlds” to deal with some of the more perplexing aspects of quantum mechanics. Everett suggested that whenever numerous viable possibilities exist, the world splits into many worlds or universes, one universe for each different possibility.

For example, if you get up this morning and can’t decide if you want to have coffee or tea for breakfast, the Many Worlds Interpretation says that for each choice made, an entire universe is created to accommodate each choice. In one universe you choose coffee. In another you choose tea. In a third universe, you decide on neither. In still another, you go with orange juice. Each universe is as real and valid as the other. It’s just that each goes its separate way from the point of decision.

So right now, there is another you—or actually millions and trillions of you—in other universes going their own way and making their own decisions.
As far as out-of-body travel goes, I’m saying you can visit these other universes where you find alternate versions of not only yourself, but of your family members, home, country—everything. Many things will be the same, but eerily different in some respects. And the further you remove yourself from your own reality, the more different each universe gets.

There was once a TV show called “Sliders” that did a good job of representing this, and science fiction writers have been writing alternative universe stories for decades. The Many Worlds Interpretation is nothing new to them and to scientists, but the general public knows very little about it all.

SASHA: So, in the out-of-body state, you have been able to enter other universes and meet yourself?

KEN: Yes, many times.

SASHA: What’s that like?

KEN: Mind blowing, difficult and fascinating. I am unable to hold the stability of the OBE state for long in these situations, but sometimes I am lucid and stable long enough to ask questions and explore what life is like in these other worlds.

SASHA: Can you elaborate?

KEN: Yes, but it would be difficult to sum up these kinds of OBEs without using up several thousands words — when my book on all this comes out, I’ll talk about it in more detail.

SASHA: Okay, and we are getting to the end of my interview here. Perhaps we’ll talk more about all this in a future session?

KEN: I’d love to. We’ve only scratched the surface of this whole topic.

SASHA: I bet! But thanks for telling us some of your stories and insights about the fascinating topic of out-of-body travel.

KEN: My pleasure. Happy flying!


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