UFO: Resting “nice-as-you-please, on the green grass …”

Ken Korczak:

In my previous post, I wrote about a bizarre UFO event near the tiny town of Grygla, Minnesota. The story was told to me by a local law enforcement officer, who wished to remain nameless, so I used the fictional name of David Randall to describe the events as he told them to me.

Randall also said he might never have believed the more sensational aspect of the woman’s story—the part about the strange little creatures running around on her farm—if he and his partner had not seen the glowing UFO the night before.

“What could I do but believe her?” he said.

But this was not the first time Randall had seen something he could not explain. Randall tells it this way:

“When I was a boy living on my parents’ farm near a small town north of Thief River Falls, Minnesota, we were all eating dinner one summer day. We were making hay that day.

“We had a farm hand working for us back then… he came into the kitchen where we were eating and told us to come outside quick.”

Randall and his other family members all went outside, and there standing in the hay field was a silver-metallic object resting silently, nice-as-you-please, on the summer green grass.

“It was just there,” Randall said. “It looked like a silver disk … bright, shiny silver with no markings on it of any kind. We just didn’t know what it was. We knew it was something very unusual.”

Randall and his family and the farm hand observed the silver disk-like object for a few minutes. It was maybe 25 to 30 feet long, thick in the middle and tapered on the ends—a classic flying saucer. Then it lifted quickly into the sky and was gone in a second.

“It didn’t make a bit of sound,” Randall said. “It just shot up into the air and disappeared in an instant.”

I asked if the silver object could have been something normal—perhaps a propane tank or a sheet of tin from a busted up grain bin that had been carried into their field by a flukey whirl of wind.

“Oh absolutely not,” he said. “It was a still, calm sunny day. We could see this thing as plain as day. We were about 100 yards or less away from it. It was nothing we could identify as being something common—nothing like a propane tank, or any other kind of conventional aircraft.”

Randall added: “And I know I was not imagining it because all of us saw it together. How could we all have imagined the same thing?”

Randall said this early sighting of a UFO is something that has stuck with his family through the years.

“To this very day, when I get together with my family we mention that silver object we saw in the hayfield and talk about it. Something like that you never forget. It’s a special experience. It just makes you wonder what is out there… there are some things which you can’t explain. It makes you think.”
Later, of course, Randall would have another encounter with a strange object from the skies for which there is no explanation.

The small town of Grygla is also no stranger to visitation by UFOs. Some twenty years ago, another flying, glowing object was spotted by two teenage girls who were in their car at the time. The girls reported that when the object approached close to them, the engine on their car went dead.

It was a terrifying experience.

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