The Giant “Oreo Cookie” UFO

Ken Korczak:

A regular reader of my Minnesota Mysteries column called me and told me this story of a fascinating UFO sighting which occurred in New York about 35 miles north of Buffalo in October of 1974.  Here is what he said:

“It was just starting to get dark, and my children were playing out in the back yard. They came one by one to tell me something was ‘beeping’ up in the woods… I went to see what was going on and I heard ‘be-beep, be-beep, be-beep…’ I saw five or six areas where lights were hovering above the trees. Couldn’t figure it out at all. We watched for a while, and that was all that was going on. Just the lights and the be-beeping.

“I decided to get back to the house… it was almost dark. We walked back to the house and our large outdoor light suddenly went out! Just then I heard, ‘Mama, look!’ One of my sons was pointing and there it was! It was as big around as our house! It looked like a giant Oreo cookie! It had what looked like a metal top, a middle section that was partitioned off into what looked like darkened windows and the bottom was just like the top.

“No sound was coming from it. Nothing! It moved very slowly across our front yard, just kind of hovering. We watched it for a good five minutes while it slowly turned west and went across the road. When it was above the corn field across the street, it picked up speed, climbed high and shot off over the corn field like a bullet.

“Suddenly, all the little ‘be-beeps’ and lights that were in the woods were coming out of the woods and were headed toward the cornfield. We could only hear the beeps and see five or six lights because they were now very high in the sky. They must have climbed from the top of the trees in the woods to that altitude in a matter of seconds. They disappeared out over the cornfield just like the big Oreo cookie did.

“I called out local police department and told them what we had seen. Ours is a small town and everybody knows everybody. The police were at my house in 10 minutes. I knew them and they knew me well enough to know that I was telling the truth. There names were Ray and George. I was describing to them what I saw when, suddenly, from the south, we saw a huge white light in the sky headed our way. We watched it coming closer to us as it descended at the same time. Then we could hear the thing’s engine and Ray hollered: ‘Holy ——! He’s got his landing lights on!’

“It was a plane coming right over my yard with its landing lights on, and it was following the exact path of the Oreo cookie. It was at such a low altitude we could read the writing on the side of it. It said: ‘United States Air Force.’ It went out over the cornfield in the exact path the Oreo cookie had taken.

Within another five minutes the area over the cornfield was filled with planes and helicopters coming from all directions. All these planes were at a higher altitude now, so I don’t know whether they were Air Force helicopters or not.
“Well, that’s my story! Is this something the U.S. Air Force was involved in? Were they tracking a UFO? Was the Oreo cookie the so-called Mother Ship? Who knows? As a footnote, that same week, there were many reports of UFO sightings all over the East Coast.”

Note: This is not technically a “Minnesota UFO” story — but what the heck!  It’s an interesting bit of ufology!

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5 thoughts on “The Giant “Oreo Cookie” UFO

  1. 1997, summer, had a very close encounter with a big, black, totally equilateral triangle preceded by spheres of light on the horizon doing inexplicable maneuvers. It was right after the X-files.

    Just review my posts, google, my name “drew hempel” and black triangle.

    MUFON has 3 more similar sightings around the same time.

  2. Me and my husband ,traveling thru Utah from Wa. state, saw a very simularly described ship hovering for almost 5 mins. above the mountains near Ogden Utah.
    We were sitting in a van on the mountain highway, staring at a huge ship,,at first I thought I was looking at the Seatle Space Needle, until it started hovering above the trees. It had illumined windows wrapped around it and was a silvery color and the top and bottom were close to the same,like a low dome shape. This sighting happened on July 1998. I reported it to the reporting center in Seattle.

  3. Amazing! I just found your blog today. It seems like we have a lot of interests in common.

    A little off topic but do you have sightings of strange dogmen creatures in Minnesota like we do in Michigan?

  4. It could be that “ET” was “Marking” the military aircraft, or something in the area.
    The intervention into our world by the “ET” is all about the ‘Secret’ plans to put humanity through an all out nuclear holocaust.

    Check this gif pls. I was wondering if that guy was sure about the uhm darkened glass part. If these 2 are related it is my ascertion that the top lifts up like a cabrio that allows the occupants to depart the vessel and the 5 shafts could be for launching probes out of, this would fit pretty nicely with this story.

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