Pig Grabbing Aliens in North Dakota!

Ken Korczak:
A fantastic UFO event is currently unfolding near the small town of Tappen, North Dakota, which involves giant 9-foot aliens stealing a farmer’s pigs — with one of the aliens being shot with a 22-caliber rifle by a 16-year-old farm boy.

The story was featured on the front page of North Dakota’s largest and conservative newspaper, the Fargo Forum, on October 28.   It’s being called one of the “most legitimate and credible” human-alien confrontation stories in decades, and the story is nothing else if fascinating and sensational. Here is what has been happening, as reported by the Fargo Forum:

Evan Briese, 16, woke early on the morning of Sept. 16 and saw something big moving among a corral where a number of very large hogs were kept — the hogs were basically family pets.  Evan grabbed a gun, thinking it might be a coyote — but what he saw in the corral shocked him to the bone!  Evan Briese encountered two creatures standing 8 to 9 feet tall that were doing something to one of the hogs. He fired his .22-caliber rifle at one creature which emitted an unearthly scream. Another creature then grabbed the boy and threw him to the ground, causing him to black out. When Evan Briese awoke, he found that Ruthy, a 450-pound sow that had been ready to give birth, was gone. The boy ran to the home of his older sister, Trista, a short distance from the house he shares with his parents.

Trista Briese made a frantic phone call to her parents and it wasn’t long before they, and later the Kidder County sheriff, were on the scene. The sheriff, Doug Howard, then left but came back the next day. He ultimately came to no conclusions about what happened to the hog, Myra Briese said. Several days later, with the help of a hypnotist, Evan Briese remembered more details.Five entities had been in the corral. Two were in the process of dragging what appeared to be a dead hog when the boy interrupted them.

As for the other incidents, one was in April when Evan and his cattle dog, Buster, were checking on cows during calving season, his parents said. Investigating a flashing glow, the pair walked over a hill and saw an object resting on the ground that appeared to be scanning a waterhole with an intense beam of light. At first, boy and dog could do nothing but stare. The spell was broken when Buster ran barking at the craft, which took off into the night, causing what amounted to a sonic boom.

“It woke Myra up,” Torrey Briese said of the sound, adding that he, too, witnessed something unusual this past summer. It happened one night in July, when he was giving a neighbor a ride into town. Briese said he and the neighbor noticed a bluish light in the sky, which stopped when they stopped and moved when they began driving.

“We spent about a half-hour watching it,” Briese said, adding that at one point the object flew so fast it went several miles in a matter of seconds. Based on the description of the object his son saw in April, Briese links the two events, adding that he’s never been given to flights of fancy.

“Evan and I are very skeptical,” Torrey Briese said. “We used to watch ‘The UFO Files’ on TV and laugh out loud.” Briese said he wouldn’t be surprised if people feel the same about his story, but he said the family doesn’t feel a need to prove anything and they’ve moved on. “We’re not out looking for aliens every night,” he said.

Brice Barnick, the mayor of Tappen — located off Interstate 94 between Bismarck and Jamestown — said visits by UFOs are the talk of the town, though he himself is not quite on board. “I’m not saying it can’t happen. But I’d have to see it to believe it,” Barnick said. At the time of the April incident, the Brieses were put in touch with Richard Moss, a UFO investigator who happened to be in Tappen for a funeral.

Moss, of Long Prairie, Minn., is the Minnesota representative of the Mutual UFO Network, an organization based in Colorado dedicated to the study of UFO phenomena. Moss, a former high school science teacher, said that in many years of investigating UFO reports, only a handful have impressed him as having the potential to be genuine. The Tappen incidents, he said, fall into the latter category.

“There are a lot of people out there who are telling false stories. The credibility of the witness is a big thing,” Moss said. In the case of Evan Briese, Moss said it was interesting to view the boy’s demeanor before and after the hypnotic regression. Prior to hypnosis, “He (Briese) had a sort of unsure look on his face. He was still really wondering what had happened. After the hypnotic regression, he knew. He was made to remember,” Moss said. Sheriff Howard was off duty Thursday and could not be reached for comment.

John Lemieux, a Kidder County deputy, said he did not believe the incident in September resulted in a written report. Torrey Briese said strange things are still happening. A relative who farms in the Tappen area recently had a sheep die, and a veterinarian who examined the animal found no obvious reason for its death, Briese said. A cause of death wasn’t the only thing missing. Someone, Briese said, removed a single testicle from the animal. It was done with surgical precision, he added.



8 thoughts on “Pig Grabbing Aliens in North Dakota!


    No offence, but is this what us Scousers call a wind-up? ‘FARGO FORUM’ sounds suprisingly close to FARRAGO Forum, ‘EVAN BRIESE’ to ‘HEAVEN BREEZE’, and the lawman is the sheriff of KIDDER County…?

    But then again, as Brice Barnick (BARN HICK?) the town mayor in the report might say, “Shit TAPPENS!” and since the aliens only took one testicle from the dead sheep at least no one can accuse this account of being a LOAD of balls!

    That said, if this is an authentic news report…whew!

  2. Hey borky:

    I have to say, you analysis is 100% brilliant! I like the way you think — and the way you look between the lines.

    Unfortuantly, all the names are real — it’s easy to check out. For example, go here:


    … and you’ll find the geographical info on the REAL Tappen, ND, which is in, yes, the REAL Kidder County. Also — all the people mentioned in the story are in the phone book.

    Also, the Fargo Forum is a REAL newspaper — has been ND’s biggest newspaper for more than 100 years.

    Still, I want to say, you make some amazing observations. You are a clever, clever person?

  3. This story will die in it`s tracks. Like usual the government will poke in it`s head & shut the story down.I don`t know what their afraid of.Interesting story though.I would like to hear more if anything developes.

  4. It takes a lot more guts to look at the facts and find that you’ve been believing something because you want to believe it than it does to accept some sort of conspiracy theory. I wish it were easier for people (including myself) to say, based on the new evidence that I just learned and accept, I was wrong. This story will die because the explanation is probably not interesting, not because of government shut down.

  5. herd part of the story on the Kevin Smith radio show; what happened to the alien he shot ? was there any blood found ? when the gun went off did the other family members come to see what was going on ?

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