Sci-Fi E-Book: “The Icon” by Ken Korczak

Hello, Gentle Blog Readers:

Here is where you will find my short story “The Icon.” Just follow the link below.

This is the story of an inter-dimensional traveler who has come to our world on an urgent mission. It’s science fiction, but also a love story. I hope you like it, and if you leave feedback comments here, I will bless you with a thousand camels laden with gold and spices, metaphorically speaking, of course!

THE ICON By Ken Korczak

3 thoughts on “Sci-Fi E-Book: “The Icon” by Ken Korczak

  1. HI there
    I enjoyed your story about Jubal. Having just made contact with such realms it was great to see this tale. You could forward it on to Doreen Virtue who is collecting stories. Did Jubal recover? I wonder what became of him.
    have a good christmas,

  2. Wonderful…love it. Chilling, really, in a way but completely absorbing. I just want to read more and more. It almost feels as though it’s consuming me as I consume it. In a good way.

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