Ken Korczak:

When I was a daily newspaper reporter at the Fergus Falls Daily Journal, I got a tip for a story involving a kind of “club” of very brilliant people who gathered occasionally at a lake cabin in a remote area of Otter Tail County. I located this “genius club” and, consequently, spent a lot of time hanging around with them — and let me tell you — they were an interesting bunch.

The e-book I am offering here is based on just one experience that resulted from my contact with this exclusive club. I say the story is fiction — and it is fiction — but the events you will read about are extremely close to the truth, and to what really happened one marvelous summer.

I’ll just let you read the story and decide.  Why did I decide to fictionalize this story, and not just write about it the way it happened?  That’s a tough question — it has partly to do with my weaknesses as a writer and journalist — but also, sometimes you realize that fiction can be even closer to the truth than the “mere facts” can be.

I think it was Kurt Vonnegut who said something like: “When you read nonfiction, you get the facts.  When you read fiction, you get the truth.”  That’s the case with this novellette you are about to read.   I hope you enjoy it.


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