How to Return From the Dead

What should you do if you die, and were not quite ready to leave this physical existence? It would be nice, wouldn’t it, if there was more information on how to return from the dead. Well, here is at least one resource with some advice.

I’d be interested in what my readers think about the following article, and if they find it helpful. I’d be especially interested in hearing from someone who has successfully returned from the dead.

3 thoughts on “How to Return From the Dead

  1. Somehow thinking about this article brings me an uneasy yet warm and calm feeling about something before I was born which I can’t quite put my finger on…

  2. ok i need an answer my friend colby died and me and my friend bought quija board and want to contact him i wish we could bring him back from the dead!!! but i dont think tht can happen? can it? ell we want to contact him not any body elswe have belongings of his and everythng and he died 2 weeks ago email me back

  3. I love you! This article was VERY helpful. I haven’t personally returned from the dead, but I know someone who has. After reading your article I finally understand what happened to my dad. See I have this theory that my cat is actually my dad (they have the same exact nose, I SWEAR!) and I think what might have happened is that my dad visualized a feline fetus! Probably explains why the cat is so angry all the time. I don’t mind though – hey I get to be with my dad!

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