What to Do If You Get Trapped by Infinity

Ken Korczak:

It’s extremely easy to blunder into an infinite void where you find yourself completely lost and entangled. The more you struggle against it, the more trapped you get.

Fortunately, there is a good way to get out if you find yourself lost or entrapped by infinity. Just follow the instructions provided in the following link:



One thought on “What to Do If You Get Trapped by Infinity

  1. You are amazing! I’ve recently gotten into the subject of non-duality (aka nothingness) and I happened to stumble across an article that you wrote, “You Don’t Exist So Don’t Worry About It” (http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/column.php?id=63575) Which was simply fantastic! Anyway that article lead me to your blog which led me to the article of what to do if I get trapped by infinity. I just want to say thank you! Thank you for putting this stuff out ‘there’ (even though it’s nowhere!) This is the kind of stuff that I like to read! Only problem is it’s addictive – I need more! 🙂

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