Month: May 2008

The Jesus Ouija Board and the Soul Trap

by Ken Korczak:

Many people are fascinated by the Ouija and have a strong interest in trying their own hand at channeling entities from other dimensions of existence — yet they are afraid to do so for a vareity of reasons.

The one I hear most often is that they are afraid a demon, evil spirit or some kind of dark entity will use the Ouija session as a portal, enter our world, and create havoc for the poor person who let it in.

One such person is a friend of mine, whom I will call Saffron.  Saffron was raised a devout Catholic, and although she is comfortable in this faith, she also has an urge to know more about all things mystical. 

Saffron sat in on a number of my Ouija sessions, and she found them captivating.  She  very much wanted to get her own Ouija board and start conducting her own sessions — yet — that old Catholic upbringing had instilled a lot of fears within her — especially of demonic possession.  Saffron saw The Excorist when she was 12 years old, and slept with the lights on in her bedroom for the next five years!

Yet, despite this fears and others, Saffron’s desire to be an explorer of the vast universe was stronger than her fear of evil. So I had a suggestion for her.  I told Saffron: 

You are fantastic with craftworking– why don’t you construct your own Ouija board and build in a number of protections using icons of the church that will make it highly unlikely that any malevolent spirits will mess with you?”

Saffron loved the idea!  She immediately got to work.  Saffron had much experience with the art of decoupage.  This is a kind of varnishing technique in which images, pictures or graphics can be permanently applied to smooth surfaces.  In fact, this is basically how all Ouija board are made. 

So Saffron obtained a lovely picture of Jesus and placed it in the upper right corner of her board.  In the left corner, she decoupaged an image of Michael the Archangel, who is often called “the scourge of demons.”  In the lower left hand corner, Saffron placed an image of the Virgin Mary.  In the lower right corner, she printed out a small copy of the Lord’s Prayer.  Finally, Saffron placed a crucifix in the center of the board, and arranged the letters of the alphabet around it.

But I had still one more suggestion for her because I knew that if her mind was not completely at ease with the idea of channeling strange entities via the board, her effort would be psychologically blocked, and might put a damper on her results.  So I suggested that she also include on her board a “soul trap.”

My idea for a soul trap was this: Create a small circle on the Jesus Ouija board, and inside the circle, place a symbol of the human soul.  Throughout the centuries, and in a variety of traditions, certain graphic symbnols have been developed to represent the human soul.  A little research on the Internet provided a number of examples.  The soul symbol Saffron settled on looked like an upright figure eight with two horizontal bars sticking out from the bottom circle of the “eight.”

My idea was to place this soul symbol inside a circle on the board so that it could serve as “bait” for any demons or evil spirits who happened to crash one of Saffron’s sessions.  They would inveistgate the tasty little soul symbol, and become trapped within the circle, and,  thereby, be unable to cause Saffron any problems.

Saffron was dubious.  She asked me how a demon could be trapped in what was basically a circle drawn with black ink on the surface of a piece of wood.  I suggested to her that a symbol is merely an artifact used for focusing greater energies.  I said, “When you go to church, you see a crucifix which is just basically a piece wood — but because everyone believes in the power of the this symbol, it takes on a greater reality.  Your ‘soul trap’ will take on the power you give to it with your belief system.”

Saffron thought this was a fantastic idea, and accepted it completely.  Thus, with her Jesus Ouija board complete, including the clever fail-safe of a baited soul trap, Saffron was ready to start conducting her own Ouija session — which she did for more than three years, and with tremendous success.

The result was spectacular! Saffron’s skilled hands had produced one of the most interesting hand-made Ouija boards I had ever seen — ironically, it looked more like a kind of holy Catholic relic than a tool of the occult.  I sugest this is ironic because the Catholic Church specifically forbids its members to fool around with Ouija boards, as does the Bible. But, like a lot of Catholics, Saffron was not one of those flock members who followed every rule of the Church to the letter.  She also believed that the forces of good were basically stronger than the forces of evil.

Yet, to make sure she was protected, Saffron obtained a bottle of holy water from her priest, and always gave her Jesus board and ritual cleansing before and after each session.  She also obtained incense of the kind used in the Catholic mass, which she burned during her sessions.

Over the next three year, Saffron had amazing results.  She became what I would consider a gifted Ouija board channeler, contacting an vast array of intelligent entities of incredible variety.  Here contacts were generally positive and intelligent beings — until one day, it happened!

The soul trap apparently attracted and captured what Saffron believed to be some kind of spirit or entity that was up to no good.  One day, as she began her session, her Jesus Ouija board spelled out this:

“Let me out of here, you bitch!  Let me out!  Let me out of here you (profanity) bitch!  Let me out you, you dirty bitch!”

Saffron assumed that something had taken the Soul Trap “bait” and became imprisoned.  She attemped to release the entity in a number of ways — but nothing worked.  Now, every time she went to her board to open a session, only one message would come across:  “Let me out of here, you bitch!  Let me out …”

Of course, it was immensely frustrating for Saffron.  Her once highly productive Jesus Ouija board had been rendered useless, except for channeling that one basic message — “let me out” — over and over again.  As far as she was concerned, she had only one course of action — to destroy her Jesus board — yet, she could not bring herself to do this. 

For one thing, she was afraid to burn the thing, or put it inot a wood chipper.  Saffron had heard many tales which suggested that burning a board could release evil spirits into one’s life, with no way to make them go away again.

One day, Saffron’s husband, whom I’ll call Bill, had finally had enough of his wife’s complaints about her tainted board — and, in fact, he had never much approved of her Ouija sessions in the first place.  Bill had never gotten used to idea of his wife spending hours at a time talking to strange beings with what he considered an occult device of potentially dangerous consequences. 

Bill was a much more ardent Catholic than his wife, and had always felt uneasy about her flirting with the so-called dark arts. He also feared destroying the board by fire or some other means — so one day, he took the problem into his own hands,

Over Saffron’s objections, Bill grabbed her Jesus board one day, threw it on the front seat of his Chevy pick-up, and headed west to drive the 30 miles to the Minnesota-North Dakota border.  The border is formed by the mighty Red River of the North, which flows from south to north into Canada.

Bill parked his truck in the middle of the Pembina Bridge, carried the Jesus board to the railing, and flung it into the muddy Red River.  Bill watched the Jesus board flutter down the 100 feet, or so, to the water’s surface, where is alighted like a leaf and was carried away north by the strong current.

Now, the Red River flows into Manitoba, where it empties into Lake Winnipeg.  Lake Winnipeg is drained from the north by the St. James River, which in turn flows all the way up into Hudson Bay.  Did the Jesus board, with its entrapped evil spirit make it that far?  Unknown.  The bottom line is, Bill and Saffron had no more trouble as a result of the incident. 

I sometimes wonder if some innocent person — perhaps a swimmer or fisherman on Lake Winnipeg, found the Jesus Ouija board and put it into use?  If they did, I have a feeling that the only thing it would say was, “Let me go! Release me!”.  On the other hand the Jesus Ouija board could have very likely made its watery journey all the way to the Canadian subartic where it was eaten by a polar bear.

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