Month: June 2008

Are Cars Living Beings?

Ken Korczak:

You better start being more nice to your car — some scientists now consider the automobile to be an actual “living being.”

Sound wild and wacky?  Not according to these top brains, including brilliant physicist Dr. Frank Tipler, and others.

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I think the idea that cars may be alive in a true sense of the word holds some water — now if we could only make them run on water!


The Minnesota Moose Mystery

Here in northwestern Minnesota, you just don’t see many moose anymore.  Just a few years ago, the sight of one of these gentle giants was so common, few people would even slow down to take a closer look if they saw one on the side of the road.

But the moose are vanishing, and fast.  What is wiping out the moose in Minnesota?  Global warming?  It looks that way.  To read my story about the Minnesota Moose Mystery, go here: