The Lost Ouija Board Files

Hi Ya’ll:

I’m starting to put some of my Ouija stories onto their own Blog Site, which you can find here:


That’s it for now — thanks for dropping by my little blog!

One thought on “The Lost Ouija Board Files

  1. Hello. I’ve read many of your stories from and I like them a lot, whether they are true or fake.

    I am a strong believer in the paranormal stuffs, experienced lots of craziest things such as Ouija Board, lucid dream, astral travel, Qi (Chi) power. Although I learned them fast but the experiences are still at beginner grade. I always have the desire to find the truth of the world.

    So if by chance you read this message, email me at I want to be your friend, to share knowledge or learn knowledge from you. I’m 22 years old. I know you are a lot older than me, but it doesn’t mean it will stop ppl who share the same interest to be friends with each other.

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