Did I encounter a real angel … or did I?

I while back, a friend of mine and fellow news hound invited me to attend a kind of seminar conducted by a famous radio pyschic from Texas. The purpose of the meeting was to see if each one of us could actually make contact with a real angel — semi-divine winged beings of lore.

Here is the story of what I experienced:

My Angel Encounter

6 thoughts on “Did I encounter a real angel … or did I?

  1. Read your story mate. Interesting! What do you think about the concept of a guardian angel? Do you sometimes think somebody is looking out for you? Have you changed you mind about going somewhere?



  2. I went thru your blog and found it suprisingly informative. I was thrilled to see you are writting a book, and that you continue to keep up on the unexplained and paranormal. There are to few that choose to share thier experiences, and including detail does it mean it’s fake, it just means you paid attention. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your kind comments. This blog is kind of informal, and s mishmash of a lot of different stuff, with emphasis on paranormal — it’s not flashy, earns me no money — but it’s kind of like a comfortable old shoe for me — and it sure gets a lot of traffic. Thanks again, and come back any time.


      1. I was reading about you liking to cook and have a wonderful family recipe for pasta salad you should try. You can’t make it in small portions so have a big bowl ready, and I’ll post it for ya.

      2. Well, that sounds totally great. I would be very willing to try out your pasta recipe. If you want, include it in your next message — I’ll also post here on the blog for all to see — and give you total credit. I do so love to cook, and try new recipes.

  3. 1 red bell pepper
    1 green bell pepper
    1 yellow bell pepper
    1 smallish red/purple onion
    1 small cluster of green onion (chopped)
    1 & 1/2 lb chopped Italian dry salame
    3 bags multi colored spiral pasta
    12oz parmesean cheese (grated)
    16oz Italian dressing of your choice (lite if dieting)
    2 cans sliced olives

    Chop all veggies in a large bowl and set the pasta to boil. Pasta should come out aldente (not quite done) drain pasta and shock with ice. Make sure pasta is fully drained And add to the chopped veggies. Pour the dressing on top and mix with hands (only way to do it right). Pour over parmesean cheese and toss lightly. Let chill for about an hour and serve!
    Fantastic with left overs for days and it eats like a meal. Enjoy!

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