Who the hell is Ernest Hemingway?

Read all about my recent survey of 100 Minnesota high school students. I asked them if they had ever heard of Ernest Hemingway, the great American writer. How many of them do you think knew who Hemingway was? The answer will surprise you. Click below:


5 thoughts on “Who the hell is Ernest Hemingway?

  1. This frightens me. I’ve known who Hemingway was since I was maybe 13 or 14. Granted, I’m 16 now and haven’t read any of his works, just quotes here and there, and I’ve always been ahead intellectually of my peers. But even so, the sheer ignorance and lack of independent learning of my age group in these times is appalling.

    1. Well spoken, Laura. Even I have only read a two or three of Hemingway’s books, but what really, really amazed me was that so many young people had not even heard of him — one of America’s greatest writer’s of the previous century. It makes me wonder what kids do is school all day. What do they do? It’s amazing.

      1. Oh, the stuff we learn in high school,- at least here in California,- is truly pointless. Maybe that’s my angsty teenage side coming through, but that’s just my view. Truly pointless. I don’t put much effort into it anymore for that reason.

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