UFO: Is Minnesota the Land of 10,000 Foo Fighters?

As a professional journalist who is willing to occasionally examine topics of paranormal interest, I get a lot of calls from people who have experienced strange and unexplained events. One of the most frequent calls I get here in northern Minnesota is from people who have seen strange and exotic flying globes of light.

A recent case in point:

As elderly retired dairy farmers from the tiny town of Skime, Minnesota, called to say that he and a friend were startled by a strange object which appeared suddenly to them above a line of trees. This is the way he told it to me, in his own words:

“This was about 10 years ago. We were playing cards at a friend’s house until about 11 o’clock at night. It was wintertime. There were no stars or moon…it was a cloudy night. We were driving home…just as we were crossing where County Road 18 crosses Number 9 this big bright thing just suddenly appeared.

“It was very luminous…a dull orange in color. It had a definite outline to it…I would say it was oval or egg shaped. It was about 400 yards from us. We were due north of it…it was so low we could see the outline of the trees in front of it.


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