Month: January 2010

Magic, Mysticsm and the Molecule — Can’t Wait to Read!

Hey, ya’ll, my good friend Micah Hanks has a new book out — I’m ordering a copy ASAP and can’t wait to read. I thrive on this kind of stuff, so I’m very eager to get my hands on this book. I’ve read a lot of Micah’s other stuff; he’s simply a terrific writer. (I’m not just saying that and I’m not on Micah’s payroll)!

Anyway, “Magic, Mysticsm and the Molecule” looks at many secrets that ancient magicians, modern mystics, and entheogenic pioneers have used in reaching the inner realms of human consciousness, gives them fair treatment, and above all, a thought-provoking analysis.

Go here to find out more: MICAH’S NEW BOOK

The Ouija Board Writes an E-book

In my 43 years of using the Ouija board, I have sometimes thought it would be great fun to see if I could contact an Ouija board entity with some literary talent who could channel an entire novel for us, one letter at a time!

Over the years, I have done just that, although taking dictation for an entire novel would require hours and hours, weeks and weeks and months and months of long, agonzing dictation.

Thus, although an Ouija novel is in the works, I have occasionally dicated shorter works of fiction — entirely written by Ouija board beings. One such work is titled “The Icon” and it was written largely by an entity that calls herself “MOMMY IN THE NOTHING CHAMBER.”

I think it is not just a great story — but a fantastic story. I have published it as a short e-book, and it tends to sell very well. You can find a copy of it here:


I make my predictions for Minnesota happenings, year 2010

As a journalist with some 30 years experience, people expect me to make predictions about what might happen in my part of the world at the beginning of the New Year.

In the past, I have achieved an astounding 98.7% accuracy rating. Many ask me if I use the aid of an Ouija Board to achieve such uncanny success. Well, it hardly matters, since you can’t argue with success.

So, here are my predictions for year 2010 for all of my fellow Minnesotans.