Month: June 2010

Mabus Incarnate — Go There Now!


As always, I’m happy to give all my blog readers a heads-up on some really terrific other places to find news of the paranormal, the strange, the unexplained, intriguing podcasts, cool graphics, interviews, live chat, a lot of general weirdness, and all the rest — here is a new site I really like:


You should all go there and check it out. They have some good forums, too.

You should not read anything into the fact that I was paid $125,000 in cash, delivered to me in a suitcase filled with small denomination bills (actually, the money is in Euroes), to plug the Mabus site.

I would have happily recommended it without this generous gift, which I plan to dole out to homeless people. Anyway — go check out MABUS INCARNATE it’s a cool site!

New Dr. 58 Site

Hi everyone:

For those of you coming here seeking the full set of transcripts of the Dr. 58 sessions, please go here:


Note, I am in the process of getting everything loaded onto this site. As soon as I can, I will also be posting some of the transcripts I did not post on the Unxplained Mysteries site. All this might take a while, but in the mean time, I will be updating this new Dr. 58 site, along with posting material at Unexplained Mysteries.