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Hi everyone:

For those of you coming here seeking the full set of transcripts of the Dr. 58 sessions, please go here:


Note, I am in the process of getting everything loaded onto this site. As soon as I can, I will also be posting some of the transcripts I did not post on the Unxplained Mysteries site. All this might take a while, but in the mean time, I will be updating this new Dr. 58 site, along with posting material at Unexplained Mysteries.

5 thoughts on “New Dr. 58 Site

  1. Hi Ken,

    I felt compelled to interact with you after reading these posts regarding your sessions with a parallel world, as I see so many parallels to my interests and studies in your writings.

    Here are just a few of my collected thoughts and questions; perhaps we can start an intellectual volley on a few or more of them in an ongoing thread and dialogue here:

    –Have you read Castaneda? I find so many parallels in the concepts of dreaming, energy bars/c-chits, parallel worlds with bizarre and nonsensical realities, intent, etc.

    –I loved when Sagan described “the cosmic slot machine” occurring perhaps multiple times in the Hindu tradition through the big bang creating new and distinct physical laws and realities. Parallel universes and realities have been a part of modern physics for a while. As above, I see the language of science, shamanism, metaphysics, new age philosophies, and even in fact parts of many of the world’s religions actually being consistent with one another, and of course with your tapping into them with Ouija, something that until yesterday when I was researching the occult in a passing interest, which I had no idea being possible outside of the dreaming/intent/assemblage point methods of assembling other worlds. As I have not assembled the personal power to do so directly, I am interested at this easier indirect route in contacting them. Thoughts on this consistency I see in your work, religion, and science?

    –I am interested in your experiences with the Monroe institute and dreaming. Could you link me into any teachings, instructions, or experiences (as in The Art of Dreaming by Castaneda) you have found valuable in your dreaming? I was especially intrigued by the concept of the energy bar.

    –The concept of dimensional drift in your experiences with the Dr. is utterly fascinating. How have you ensured you’re contacting the correct reality? I got the impression, that as with Casteneda, an unwavering intent (and likely fixing your memory on that exact position of the assemblage point, although you don’t see those worlds, so I am confused at how the Ouija board fits in) is required.

    –What became of your staff building experiences? Did the guild mention what the purpose or utility of the newly built staff would be?

    –You seem very in tune with the Castanedian concept that transactions with intent/energy are final and binding in those worlds, and I was astounded and pleased to see you protect yourself on the fly with your questions to both the staff guild and the deceitful Minnesota entity. Have you gotten into any sticky situations with the board where you were bound into a transaction deceptively?

    –I have never used a board, but many of the accounts and stories which eventually linked me into your blog through speak of letting in entities through the board unintentionally, e.g. with poltergeists. I see parallels with this and the Castaneda’s description of working with inorganic beings in dreaming and in the physical world with mirrors and stream gazing, IIRC. Surprisingly in my recent research into the occult, I see parallels also between Castaneda and the concept of Scrying with mirrors. Have you ever had problems with physical manifestations of beings in your home, etc.? Are there any rules to preventing this that you know of? I am interested but also terrified of trying Ouija for these reasons.

    –I was really rapt in your description of the love beings as well. How wonderful. Did your friend ever try to make the love construct they described?

    –if I was to try to contact other beings and avoid spirits, mischievous or malevolent energy feeders, etc., it seems the key is an opener of intent, voiced for binding. You don’t record that in every entry but the first, and if I am correct, I would feel that is key. Do you voice or internally voice your intent each time? I think this might be an important safety point for your readers as well, as you seem quite studied in meditation and probably have a strong will and personal power storage so untoward events are unlikely for you.

    –Could you share any teachings on meditation or links you find relevant. Experiences too would be great.

    –I have not done an internet search, but are you aware of any others using Ouija to contact other realities, and if so, is there an academic body of knowledge out there? Or are you a pioneer?

    In closing, I really wanted to thank you for sharing your unique experiences with me. There is a true intelligence shining through every response you give to the board sessions.

    I hope you would be willing to share some of your time with me and start the dialogue going here with me. I am also fine with starting up a more comprehensive one in email, as I would really like to pick your brain. I would hope you would also get an intellectual symbiosis with me such that I could reciprocate real value to you. With all this said, the ball’s in your court, and I look forward to your forthcoming volley!


  2. Hi Ken,

    Having caught the two initial extracts from Dr 58 on this blog, I’m pleased that you decided to upload everything on a separate site. It’s all very intense and I’ve gone through the 18 transcripts with an increasing sense of wonderment as new facets of 58’s world appear.

    Like several other posters, I’d love to see the complete versions of the transcripts at some point (with all digressions and additional material) but for now it’s sufficient to follow the tale as it stands.

    The concept of using a ouija board to contact people in parallel Earths is intriguing and evidently somewhat frustrating as even the basic concepts that we take for granted are often entirely unknown to Dr 58. Likewise what seems like basic knowledge to him needs explanation and I admire your restraint in trying to keep on one track as all kinds of temptingly brief references are thrown your way.

    For instance, being British I’m intrigued by the Thralldom and the description of Europe/Olgiae. Likewise the development of America as a very different nation and of course the ever-present threat of Minnesota and the clooks.

    I’m something of a veteran of alternative-universe sci-fi and I have to say this ouija-based tale is rather different to the majority of this genre. This makes me think it’s an edited version of something quite real rather than an attempt at writing collaborative fiction (which was my initial reaction). At the very least my mind remains open.

    Please continue! I’m keen to know more.

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks, Mr. South. A note: I’ve added some updates to the Dr. 58 site, and one more will be added today. Thanks for your kind comments. Have a lot of U.K. fans for his material — always loved “Old Blighty!”

  3. in my obe(not a near death one) i felt a presence with me, and it did not feel like a nice one…what are your thoughts on this?

    1. It’s nothing to worry about, Victoria. No one has ever come to harm, much less been killed, by an OBE. Part of mastering the OBE is controlling fear, and not getting unduly worried by any “presence” you might feel. Such things have no ability to harm you. Period.

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