Mabus Incarnate — Go There Now!


As always, I’m happy to give all my blog readers a heads-up on some really terrific other places to find news of the paranormal, the strange, the unexplained, intriguing podcasts, cool graphics, interviews, live chat, a lot of general weirdness, and all the rest — here is a new site I really like:


You should all go there and check it out. They have some good forums, too.

You should not read anything into the fact that I was paid $125,000 in cash, delivered to me in a suitcase filled with small denomination bills (actually, the money is in Euroes), to plug the Mabus site.

I would have happily recommended it without this generous gift, which I plan to dole out to homeless people. Anyway — go check out MABUS INCARNATE it’s a cool site!

One thought on “Mabus Incarnate — Go There Now!

  1. Hey IG,
    What d’ya mean ‘do not read’ anything into the 125K…., I want some!
    Just kidding, very happy for you; cannot think of anyone more deserving at the moment, except moi. Can’t wait to check out the site, been searching and hoping for something as titillating (literarily-speaking of course) as yours. So glad to be on your list.
    Been following Dr. 58 on UM by checking more than once a day. Can’t thank you enough for entertaining us the way you do.
    Incidentally you seem a spiritual sort of fellow: Got something tremendous to share with you, if you’re so inclined. The June 26 Full Moon/Partial Eclipse energies are pre-Atlantean powerful, so any of your “intentions” have high potential, if done before full moon’s over. Of course you may know this already. I’ll wait for your permission to forward the email to you. If not your cup of tea, please ignore. Just wanted to share with all ‘light’ souls.

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