Follow me on Twitter? I don’t get it.

You know, I still really don’t get Twitter. Even so, I have a Twitter account. I go look at it from time to time and make a tweet — but I don’t really get it.

Here is my Twitter account, for whatever that means:


3 thoughts on “Follow me on Twitter? I don’t get it.

  1. You crack me up Ken, ‘cos that’s just how I feel about it too.
    Thanks for my first giggle of the day. I see life’s good with you, weed- tasting and such. I’ll comment more on that where it belongs.

  2. Hi Ken

    My name is TD Mischke. I did talk radio at WCCO and KSTP for a couple decades and now make my living as a traveling podcaster ,doing a program called The Mischke Roadshow. I would love to head to your neck of the woods for a wide-ranging audio-only interview on many of the topics you’ve written about. I’m noticing Twitter is one avenue to reach you, but that it may not be the best. Hoping this reaches you.

    Mischke: 651 235 8367

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