Should I fake a Bigfoot sighting?

KEN KORCZAK: Yea, verily, I ask thee, my readers: Should I fake a Bigfoot sighting in Minnesota?

I have my reasons:


One thought on “Should I fake a Bigfoot sighting?

  1. Hello Ken,
    I just read your article on “The Amazing Guantum Honeybees” I was fascinated by this amazing connection that Barbara Shipman has made. In Nov.of 2007, I had a series of dreams pertaining to he honeybees. One was magical and the other of a transcendental nature. Since the dreams I have become an advocate of the honeybees since their tragic disappearance due to the Colony Collapse Disorder. I began researching information about the CCD as well as the mystery of the bees themselves.
    This took me on a journey that led to my creating a
    “Honeybee Symposium in Sept. of 2008. My second dream open for me the mystery of the nature of the hexagon and the number 6 in sacred geometry. There is no doubt in me that the honeybees are cosmically coded as my dream inferred. My research continues. I am fascinated by the quantum theory involving the honeybees the 6th dimensional expression of the waggle dance. No wonder that the honeybees have been referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World. I would like to continue this discussion if you are up to it and this topic is of interest to you. I have a deep affinity to the real mysteries of life on our planet.
    Thank you,
    Thea Soroyan

    P.S.I am a Transformational Psychotherapist with an expertise in Dream Work and Transpersonal pssychology

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