Dr. 58 Has Returned

Hey All:

Just a brief note. After months of black silence, Dr. 58 has re-surfaced, and began communicating again.

If I can handle it physically and psychologically, I may again began to post transcripts.

Thanks to all for you consistent (and persistent) queries about Dr. 58. He appears to be alive and well and his inscrutable self over in his Universe.



One thought on “Dr. 58 Has Returned

  1. Oddly enough, I think that I believe you (I read the transcripting and the more strange it got, the more interested I became). With viewing how this alternate universe views on stasis and death or lack thereof, it actually helps me better understand views I hadn’t considered before (And I like learning new views of things!).

    My mind isn’t quite all philosophical as it is just wishing to learn different views because my mind is so open and alien to many other people. Now if this Dr. dude is handing you a bunch of BS, I commend him for being a great story teller.

    My only question is this, as it should be anyone else’s: Who am I to judge whether he is telling the truth or not? We are not there, so how can we really KNOW?

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