The Fairy Redemption of Jubal Cranch Soon on Kindle

Hey All:

I’m just getting ready to release my novelette, The Fairy Redemption of Jubal Cranch, on Kindle. I’m just have to do complete a few formating tweaks for Kindle. For those of you who have readers that can use PDF files, or don’t mind reading right from your computer screen, you can get a copy of this ebook right now for a mere $1.00 — just send payment to Paypal using the email:

What’s the book about? It’s a true story about real fairies, you know, those little otherworldly creatures that have lived in our folklore for centuries — except some people don’t think they are folklore. They think they are real. That’s what this book is about — a homeless man I met while working as a VISTA Volunteer who claims that a real fairy helped cure him of his chronic, lifelong drug addiction. Whether you believe what this guy says happened to him or not, it’s a great read if I must say so myself.

I’ll let you all know when it lands on Kindle! Thanks!

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