Dream yourself rich? A lot of people have done it.

Of course, I’ve always been fascinated by dreams and lucid dreaming and all that. One thing is certain: Some of the greatest inventions, ideas, songs, poems, scientific theories have all been incubated in dreams.

We all know that Einstein conceived Relativity when he had a dream of riding on a beam of light. But did you know that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards received the song “Satisfaction” in a dream? He did. Richards considered himself not so much as a song writer, but as a “channel” or “conduit” for music that “seemed to come from somewhere else.” That’s what he said in his recent autobiography, “Life.”

I like the idea of having a dream that can make you rich — more so in spirit than crude money — but either way, a creative dream can change the world. Click the link below to read my first of several articles I’m going to write about creative dreaming. Cheers, all!


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