Who Is She?


Who is she? Click here to find out.

3 thoughts on “Who Is She?

    1. Hi: Sorry to be mysterious. The link leads to my “Dr.58” information — I guess one would have to read through reams of material to find out who this woman is — she is the mysterious “Goddess Waitress” whom I encounter in “The RET” — the Restaurant on the Edge of Time.” This image was painted by a New Zealand artist who was inspired to provide her impression of what the “Waitress”might look like. The “Waitress” is a persistent entity I confront in the lucid dream state.

      1. That is probably one of the most romantic things I’ve heard in awhile *LOL*..Thank you for telling me. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out who it was. So in short..to me at least..she’s a myserious goddess that serves you. I like that idea. Thank you for sharing with me.

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