This Ax Has Been On A Pan-Dimensional Journey

When my ax mysteriously turned up missing one day, I instantly realized I had a real mystery on my hands. I suspected “inter-dimensional mischief.” It turned out I was right. Read the story of the incredible travels of my ax through alternate dimensions.


8 thoughts on “This Ax Has Been On A Pan-Dimensional Journey

  1. Fascinating. Years ago, I used to play the guitar. I would open guitar case with my tuning fork on top of guitar, tune the guitar, practice, then put it all away til the next time. One day, I could not find the tuning fork in the case. I looked obsessively for it for days and finally accepted it was gone. I kept playing the guitar always returning it to its case, and then one day, months later, I open the case, and there is the tuning fork, a little rusted and worse for the wear but returned. Somehow I was very clear it had taken a dimensional journey, made all the easier because it was all about vibration to begin with. What is so curious to me is . . .why was it rusty? What happens that would affect its 3D attributes like that?

    1. That’s a great story, Muriel. Maybe the reason it was rusty because a time slip, you know what I mean? It entered a different frame of reality, spent, say, five years there, then returned — but in our time frame only months had passed. It’s like when abductees report “missing time” or even back in the day of faery encounter, it was common to enter a fairy ring, dance with the fairies, and return a week later — everyone had been looking for them for a week, but the person who entered the fairy world felt like he or she had only been gone five minutes. At any rate, thanks for this terrific tid bit!

      1. I forgot to mention how much I appreciate your crow/raven friend. Marvelous birds, both ravens and crows, and I am forever hearing them warn me of things and just catching me up on their perspectives.There are times when I just listen to them intently because it is so obvious that something is going on worthy of paying attention to. And when that happens, I know there is ‘magic’ very close at hand and that the veil is thinner than usual. Yeah, I know. How very Celtic of me.:)

      2. Thanks so much, Muriel. Did you see the show about crows recently on PBS — they may be as smart as primates, wildlife biologists think. (They’re probably as smart as any of us — every creature has its own kind of intelligence) — but the crow mind is amazing — like dolphins!

      3. Yes, I did see it. I always knew crows were special but that show demonstrated just how “with it” they are. Now when I walk under a tall pine and they are in the top looking down at me as I make my way out to be with dolphins, I know they are really noticing my comings and goings. They are always chattering away, and I always make a point to speak to them. What I wouldn’t give to know the specifics of their observations! Even as a child, something about hearing crows caw always made me happy.

      4. Yes, so well said. It’s incredible to think about these marvelously intelligent creatures, sharing our space with us … I enjoy attempting attuning with them … cheers and peace, Muriel ….

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