Month: January 2012

Best eBook Reviews: Find Free Kindle ebooks, Free Nook eBooks, and More

If you’e looking for free Kindle books and free ebooks, I am including reviews of as many as I can find that are of good quality — so check out my site:


Also, don’t forget to look into my own science fiction selection in the Amazon Kindle store:


My New Book Review Site — An Open Invitation To All

Hey all, just a heads up on a new site where I am putting all my book reviews. I’ll be posting the many and ongoing books reviews I have written and continue to write, and I also encourage anyone here who wants to submit a book review to do so. If you have written a book and want it reviewed, contact me. I would be happy to review your book. If you want to submit a book review for your own book or any book, you’ll get some free promo, and I will place your link back to your site.

Sort of experimental at this point, and I already have had several people contact me wanting to submit reviews to the new site — we’ll see if I can keep up. I know a lot of authors (like myself) who are eager to promote their books, and I want to help — while also providing a high quality site that is not just shameless plugs — all book reviews will be frank and honest, love ’em or hate ’em straightforward reviews.

Anyway, message me here, leave a comment or send me an email: if you want to know more. Cheers All! KK


I Meet A Dead Astronomer

When I was a kid my heroes were all long-dead astronomers, among them the great Jospeh von Fraunhofer. He was actually more of a physicist and expert in optics than an astronomer, but he qualifies well enough as the latter. Fraunhofer mastered the art of making fine telescope and “a Fraunhofer” was synonymous with “the best telescope in the world” in the early 1800s. I recently had a chance to meet Herr Fraunhofer hismself in the dream world! See the story here: GHOST OF THE DEAD ASTRONOMER