My New Book Review Site — An Open Invitation To All

Hey all, just a heads up on a new site where I am putting all my book reviews. I’ll be posting the many and ongoing books reviews I have written and continue to write, and I also encourage anyone here who wants to submit a book review to do so. If you have written a book and want it reviewed, contact me. I would be happy to review your book. If you want to submit a book review for your own book or any book, you’ll get some free promo, and I will place your link back to your site.

Sort of experimental at this point, and I already have had several people contact me wanting to submit reviews to the new site — we’ll see if I can keep up. I know a lot of authors (like myself) who are eager to promote their books, and I want to help — while also providing a high quality site that is not just shameless plugs — all book reviews will be frank and honest, love ’em or hate ’em straightforward reviews.

Anyway, message me here, leave a comment or send me an email: if you want to know more. Cheers All! KK


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