A True Story Of Fairy Encounter

Years ago I was working as a VISTA Volunteer in a crummy, seedy, dingy homeless shelter — haven for the dregs of our society — mostly drunks, addicts, the mentally ill, and a few people cast aside by the whims of economics.

One of the people I met “down there” had pulled himself up and out of a life of drug-addicted misery and homelessness — and he said it was an encounter with a “real fairy creature” that had made it possible for him to turn his life around.

I found his story so compelling, I wrote a short, just very slightly fictionalized account of what he experienced. It’s called “The Fairy Redemption of Jubal Cranch.”

I originally published this as a PDF ebook years before the advent of Kindle and other formats. Over the years, I have sold more than 27,000 copies! But for the growing new Kindle reader audience, here it is, all shiny and new on Kindle (although I need to develop a better cover!!)


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