Month: March 2013

Aliens in the Backyard? These authors make their case …

_wsb_375x528_AliensCover2KEN KORCZAK:
I read a lot of UFO literature, a lot of it just plain awful. Yet, I keep going back to the well. Why? Well, every once and a while you find a pretty good read that has fresh information that’s not repetitive or derivative of other works. I found this book to be a terrific read. Click the link to see my full review. ALIENS IN THE BACKYARD

I Astral Travel to the Year 89,771 B.C.

stonag_lascauxhors.lgKEN KORCZAK:
I was recently working as a ghoswriter on a large manuscript about reincarnation for a client, and this entails am extensive amount of research on the subject, even though I knew, or thought I knew, a lot about it before. Anyway, this prompted me to conduct some of my own experiments in exploring past lives, and I post the results here on my Unexplained-Mysteries site:
Reincarnation Time Travel