Hi Everyone!

old ufo

3 thoughts on “Hi Everyone!

  1. I have been reading your Ouija articles and find them fascinating as well as entertaining. I very much enjoyed the “Dr. 58” material and have felt compelled to write and tell you that I think I know what the MTE meant with his constantly repeated phrase.
    I’ve heard that entities that exist outside of time can see us in our entirety, from birth (see thee up man thing!) to death (see thee doon!). He was trying to convey to you his perception of you as an entity still engaged within time. He just couldn’t get past it real well. What do you think?

  2. Indeed, I miss your stories, and would love to see more Ouija transcripts. Didn’t you state you had boxes of the scribes’ notebooks available?

    Thanks as always.

  3. If donating money to you would help you start posting about your Ouija and dream experiences again, I would gladly donate.

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