Month: June 2015

The Kax Demon

William Blake Los Symbol of Poetic Genius Consumed by Flames


Ouija board channeling became truly fascinating for me when I began to gain contact with entities other than “dead people” or I should say, the spirits of dead people.

Most people think that all or most Ouija board contact are ghosts or demons. This has not been my experience. Yes, I have conversed with my share of spirits but vast majority of my contacts are with what I call “entities.”

The term “entity” is a good catch-all term for the endless variety of beings one can contact via the Ouija board. As I said in Chapter One, I also like Tom Campbell’s term, Individuated Units of Consciousness, or perhaps IUC, for short. So perhaps I will use both “entity” and “IUC” in coming pages.

I am going to introduce you to an amazing array of entities and IUCs — a selection of strange beings that are so, well, strange, you may entirely change your view of just what the Ouija board is all about. I hope you will expand your idea about “who” or “what” the Ouija can contact, and the highly innovative kinds of information it can produce.

But first — let’s deal with those demons.

I want to show you that even when you do connect with an entity that describes itself as a demon, the situation is not as bad as Hollywood movies and our religious leaders have led us to believe.

Rest assured, no one has to “play victim” to an Ouija board demon — if that’s even what they really are.

I don’t care if you conjure up Lucifer himself, the fact is, you as the Ouija board channeler always command the upper hand — the position of strength — when engaged in this form of communication.

The only way a “demon” can rattle you via the Ouija is if you approach the situation with fear. If you are afraid of demons or other evils forces, then you will naturally play into a scenario in which you perceive yourself as a victim. You may also do and say things that will make the situation a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy — but even that will ultimately be an illusion.

With this in mind, let me turn now to what I think is one of the most amazing Ouija board session I have ever conducted. It just so happens to involve so-called demon contact.

After presenting the following session transcript, I will offer additional discussion of the Ouija-demon issue which I hope will forever change the way you view these kinds of situations.

Remember that my session with Tiny Smyth (in Chapter One) took place when I was about nine years old — now I invite you to jump some 10 years ahead when I was age 18 or 19 and a freshman in college.

Yes, I had an Ouija board in my dorm room, and by this time, I had some 10 years of Ouija practice under my belt. In those 10 years, I had developed a bag of tricks for dealing with Ouija contacts of a wide variety.

Without further ado, here is how my first true “demon session” played out:


First, some background to the session:

The year was 1977, and I was a freshman housed in a 14-floor dormitory at a state university in the city of Moorhead, Minnesota, which is the sister city just across the Red River where lies Fargo, North Dakota.

I lived on the sixth floor. Our rooms were randomly assigned. My next door neighbor was a friend who went by the nickname of Arlo. As an ominous preview to the eerie events that were about to take place, it just so happens that Arlo was lodged in room number 666. I was next door in 668. (Room 667 was across the hall).

My neighbor Arlo was into a lot of things. For example, he was obsessed with Jim Morrison, the front man of the iconic ‘60s rock band, The Doors. As you probably know, Morrison led a short, exciting but tragic life. He was already long dead by 1977.

Arlo was on the cutting edge of the music scene. He listened to a lot of punk rock, which had just barely emerged in those days. Of course, he listened to a lot of ‘60-era rock, such as The Doors, too.

Anyway, Arlo thought is was cool that he was assigned Room 666, which, of course, is the “Mark of the Beast.” He felt that being assigned this room was more than mere coincidence, and perhaps synchronistic. That’s because he had long been interested in the topic of demonology.

Arlo was also amazingly well-read and versed in demon lore. He he was familiar with the opposite, as well — angelology, the study of angels.

Arlo was something of a genius. For a young man of 19, he could speak with remarkable intellectual authority across a wide range of topics. He was even a terrific artist. Arlo was a frail, slender young man with longish thin brown hair that was slightly tinged a natural brick red. His face was pale. He was a careless, almost shabby dresser.

Arlo and I were from different parts of the state, but we became good friends after becoming dorm neighbors and discovering we had a lot in common. He was especially interested in my 10 years of opening channels with the Ouija board, partly because he had never had any luck with it himself.

One day, Arlo suggested we conduct what he called an “Ouija Séance” in his dorm room, No. 666. He was keen to try his hand and contacting demons. Arlo wanted to see if some demon somewhere might know something about the ultimate fate of Jim Morrison.

I don’t know why he thought that Morrison should be hanging out with demons in the afterlife — on the other hand, if anyone was a likely candidate to have an association with ‘Darker Forces,’ Morrison was a probable candidate.

As we know, Morrison was a deeply troubled man known for his interest in what might be on “the other side” of normal existence. The name of his band itself, The Doors, is an homage to the idea that there are “doorways” to other dimensions of reality.

I agreed to the “séance,” but Arlo, the demon expert, insisted that we take stringent safeguards to protect ourselves from any evil beings we might to contact. I considered this to be nonsense, but I went along with it to placate my friend.

Because Arlo and I both had been raised in good Catholic families, we both had access to certain implements. For example, Arlo had a bottle of of what he called “uber-powerful holy water.”

It was powerful holy water because it was filled from none other than the famous grotto spring of Lourdes in France, an extremely sacred site for Catholics because it is said that the Virgin Mary appeared there.

(Note: I suggest you read up more on the events said to have occurred at Lourdes. The phenomena there are a fascination to both traditional religious believers, but also UFO buffs and those whom subscribe to other paranormal theories. In addition to Christian miracles, Lourdes is associated with the sightings of fairies, and is an area held sacred in pagan systems as well.)

Arlo’s parents had been to France to visit the holy site and brought back several bottles of water. One of these they gave to Arlo as a gift. The water had been further fortified with a blessing by an old and well-regarded Italian Catholic monk by the name of Brother Arcuri.

I won’t go into details as to why the Lourdes water had also been blessed by the saintly Brother Arcuri, but let’s just state for the record that this this was some pretty potent stuff!

It was like the plutonium of Holy Water!

Arlo suggested that we wipe down the Ouija Board with the Lourdes holy water, and then wash the planchette before we started our session. He also said that we should both take a sip of the Holy Water. I agreed to this as well, enjoying the whole process. For me, ever the cynical skeptic, a swig of Lourdes vintage was a lark.

Arlo used a white cloth which he had purified with the smoke of burning sage incense to wipe the board and planchette. Arlo then purified the interior of his Room 666 with incense and holy water.

As it happens, I also had religious artifact to contribute to our effort. I owned a pair of candles made of beeswax that were bound in the form of a cross. The bindings were palm fronds, and these palm fronds were originally from Jerusalem, and were also blessed.

This cross of candles had been used during the Celebration of St. Blaise at my church back home. During the Celebration of St. Blaise, everyone gets their throats blessed because St. Blaise is the saint who takes care of throat ailments. (If you are a Catholic, you may know all this).

Here is how I happened to come into possession of this particular set of St. Blaise Candles:

Most of the time, the Celebration of St. Blaise is held on Feb 3, but one year, Sunday happened to fall on the day before, Feb. 2 — which is my birthday.

So the Blessing of the Throat ceremony was held on my birthday that year, and even further, it just so happened I was acting as our priest’s assistant during the ceremony. When I told our priest that it happened to be my birthday, he made a gift of the candles to me, this after they had been used to bless the throats of about 200 people.

So these candles not only had an excellent pedigree, they were charged up!

When I told Arlo about the quality of my holy candles, he was not only pleased, but even more delighted to hear that my birthday was Feb. 2.

Most people in America today think of Feb. 2 as Ground Hog Day, but in the Christian tradition, Feb. 2 is “Candlemas” and also the day that the infant Jesus was presented in the Temple. Feb. 2 is also a major holiday for pagans — they call it “Imbolc” which is “the day the light is reborn into the world.” Imbolc literally means: “In the belly of the mother.” Actually, the Christians swiped Imbolc from the pagans and changed it to Candlemas, but I digress.

And it keeps getting better: As it happens, Arlo’s birthday was Feb 3 — one day after mine and, thus, the traditional St. Blaise Day. We thought this was another good sign, and yet another curious coincidence.

Something powerful was brewing.

However, we were in for an even bigger surprise because the entity we would eventually contact during our Ouija session would tell us something that was even more coincidental — in fact, mind blowing, as you shall see. Read on.

So, anyway, Arlo had the super-powered-plutonium-grade holy water, and I had my super-double-secret-and-extra-holy candles of St. Blaise, which had not only performed the blessing of hundreds of throats, but which were also synchronized with Arlo’s birthday.

Furthermore, the candles had been consecrated not only with holy water, but also with some special kind of Catholic holy oil. We would use these candles to illuminate our Ouija Session.

I think anyone would agree that we were well prepared to confront the demon world via the Ouija Board!

Bring … it … on!

So after much preparation, we were ready. Another guy who lived on our floor caught wind of our impending session and begged to sit in as an observer. I told Stu he could be present, but that he would have to do something useful, such as act as the session recorder.

Arlo objected to Stu’s presence on the grounds that he had nothing to bring to the session similar to the holy icons we had supplied. I suggested Stu should partake of the Lourdes holy water, and we could consecrate him with incense. Stu refused this, however, on the grounds that he aspired to be a Rosicrusion, even though he was barely a neophyte of that arcane order.

Stu was presently at work on only his third mandamus for his journey up the ladder of the Rosicrusion Order.

But I was sufficiently impressed that Stu was striving to ascend his personal path within a worthy mystical order. I reminded Arlo that the word Ouija is believed to come from the ancient Egyptian word which means “Good Luck” and that the Rosicrucians claim origins in the mysticism of esoteric Egyptian knowledge. Thus, Stu was in.

Note: Even though Arlo and knew that contacting demons via the Ouija Board was forbidden by the Catholic Church, we did not care, since neither of us were practicing Catholics at that point — and yet, we did not consider that our holy implements would be affected by this.

We still had a certain respect for the Church in terms of the mystical implements it trafficked in, for better or worse, and whether in ignorance or accidental effectiveness of said implements.

And so the big night finally began. The session would start at midnight in Room 666 — present were Arlo, myself and Stu, our Rosicrusion recorder. The St. Blaise candles were lit … but here is where things already started to get slightly out of control.

Let me explain:

We were seated before the board, and Arlo prepared the holy water drink. I was extremely dismayed to see that he had planned to drink more than holy water. In a small wine glass, Arlo poured about two ounces of Mogen David blackberry wine. Into the wine he added a small amount of the Lourdes holy water. So far, so good. But then, Arlo added about an ounce of Vick’s Formula 44 cough syrup — and finally, he put in about a tablespoon of — and I’m not making this up — kerosene to the mixture.

He drank it down in one gulp.

Arlo began to prepare the same cocktail for me, but I stopped him short. I told him that I sure as hell (no pun intended) would not be drinking any kerosene this night, nor any night for that matter. I also refused the wine and Vick’s Formula 44. I was a total nondrinker in those days. I asked only for a sip of the Lourdes holy water straight up. Arlo complied, albeit with poor grace. Stu, of course, refused even the holy water.

I finally opened the session:

Ken: Greetings to the vast Underworld! We seek contact with certain entities known in our world as demons. We command you to come forth and speak!

(The oracle immediately began spinning in circles but not spelling anything. So Arlo spoke next).

Arlo: Demons! Stop your dithering! Come forth, and beware! We command total power over you! You cannot refuse us!

(Presently, we started getting letters and words).


Arlo: Our purposes are of no concern to you. We ask the questions. To whom to we speak?


(Note: Arlo said demons never give their names willingly because anyone who knows a demon’s name gains command over that demon.)

Arlo: Tell us your name, demon!


(Note: Strangely, Arlo seemed unusually surprised shaken by being called a ‘butter maker.’ I would not learn why until later. Since Arlo was already put off balance, I asked the next question).

Ken: Demon, why do you call my friend ‘butter maker’?


(Note: I refused to ask Arlo about this, although I wanted to, but I did not want to give the demon the upper hand by obeying any of its commands).

Ken: We ask the questions. You are obligated to answer. Tell us your name!


Ken: Shut up and be compliant! It will not go well for you if you are not cooperative. We will not release you until you do. Will you comply?


(Note: Arlo and I both immediately looked at Stu, who indeed looked very nervous. His eyes were wide and his face ashen).

Ken: Although we are indifferent to your motivations, tell us why you call us crib babies who suck each other’s thumbs?


(Arlo had recovered now, although he was a bit glassy-eyed as his holy water-kerosene cocktail kicked in. He spoke next).

Arlo: Demon, we will give you one more chance to tell us your name, or face the consequences!


Arlo: Demon, since you refuse to give us your name, I will hereby name you and hold you to the name I give you, and you will answer to it. I name you Kax!

(Note: After he said this, Arlo wrote the name ‘Kax’ on a slip of paper with a calligraphy pen, then held it up to our holy St. Blaise candles and burned it).

Arlo: Kax, you will now attend to our questioning, and you will not dissemble!


Arlo: Do your best, Kax! Now tell us, Kax, what do you know of the deceased soul of Jim Morrison?


(I jumped in with the next question).

Ken: Kax, you will stop lying and stop speaking in generalities. Tell us specifically what you know about Jim Morrison.


Ken: No! You will answer question according to our will, and for as long as we desire. Tell us truthfully about your knowledge of Jim Morrison.


(Note: This really got Arlo’s attention.)

Arlo: Kax, are you telling us that Jim Morrison is not dead, and that he faked his death?


Arlo: Kax, we tire of your insolence! I hereby fine you 10 credits! You are now indebted to us for 10 credits. I will remove one credit if you speak truthfully of Jim Morrison!


Arlo: Stop calling me butter maker! Where does Jim Morrison live? In what location?


Arlo: Certainly you are delusional! I extract only a single credit. You owe us nine credits!


(Note: Arlo and I were so focused on the board, we had almost forgotten about Stu. We looked at him, and indeed, he said that his thumb was inexplicably throbbing with pain. He showed us the troubled digit. I was surprised to see that it looked very swollen. Stu was beyond nervous. He appeared on the verge of some kind of episode. I told him to get out, but he wanted to stay. I think he didn’t want to look like a wimp, although he was probably eager to leave).

Ken: Kax, you must think we are stupid. We are not. You are stupid. We don’t care about Stu’s thumb, nor our own. I dare you to infect my thumb!


Ken: Kax, why do you keep saying we suck thumbs in the crib? Does this refer to anything significant? We command you to answer truthfully. We will subtract an additional credit point toward your release.


(At this point, Stu began to moan and was holding his thumb. I told him to show it to me. I was amazed to see it was about twice its normal size. Arlo stared glassy-eyed at Stu’s thumb through the dim light cast by the St. Blaise candles. Then Arlo suddenly turned his head away and vomited. At this point, it seemed to me that both Stu and Arlo were in over their heads. I decided to end the session).

Ken: Listen to me now, Kax. You are indebted to us to the count of 20 credits. I issue these additional points of bondage as punishment for your mischief. I now command you to fall into deep sleep. You will retire to a state of unconsciousness for one thousand years. At that point, your debt of 20 credits will be paid in full, and you may awaken. Your name will no longer be Kax. Furthermore, when you awaken, you will disburse your energy and serve only the power of love, and will never work devilments again!

I then took the bottle of Lourdes water and doused the candles with them. I poured more of the water onto the Ouija board and planchette. Then I got up to switch on the lights.

Blinking under the harsh fluorescent lights of the dorm room, Arlo looked pale and ill — after all, he had drank wine, cough syrup and kerosene. Stu bolted out the door. Arlo plopped down in his bunk. I went back to my room to make notes about the whole event.

The next morning, I checked in with Stu to see about his thumb. Stu said he went to the campus medical center, and the doctor told him his thumb had gotten infected. The doctor said it was probably because Stu was a compulsive nail biter. It seems that a hangnail on his thumb had become infected, probably from bacteria transmitted from his mouth. The doctor gave him antibiotics, and his thumb was cured in a few days.

It must have been a mere coincidence that the infection flared up during our demon session — or so I theorized.

I considered the whole session to be interesting, although something of a disaster. My view was that Arlo’s obsession with Jim Morrison was a waste of effort — Kax probably didn’t know Jim Morrison from Janice Joplin and most likely only told us whatever we wanted to hear.

However, something incredibly interesting was yet to be discovered. The next weekend, I went home to visit my family. I told my mother about my friend Arlo — (whose real name or even real nickname I’m not telling, by the way.)

My mother was surprised to learn that Arlo was my next-door dorm mate.

Mom went into the closet, fished through a tattered cardboard box and produced an old black-n-white photo. The photo was of two, perhaps two-months-old babies sitting together in a crib.

My mom said:

“That’s you and Arlo. His family used to live next door to us. Arlo was born just a day after you were. His mother and I were pregnant at the same time, and we used to walk together on the railroad tracks when we feeling bloated or had sore backs. When Arlo’s mother and I got together for coffee, we would put you both in the same crib. They moved away when Arlo was about eight or nine months. His dad was the butter maker at the creamery. It’s amazing that you two ended up being neighbors again almost 20 years later!”

I said: “Yes! That is amazing!”