Month: August 2015

New OBE (astral travel) book is best in decades


Canadian psychologist Frederick Aardema has written an incredibly fascinating book about the OBE, or our-of-body experience. I think I have read every book on the subject written over the past century, starting with C.W. Leadbeater’s THE ASTRAL PLANE published in 1895.

With Aardema’s book we finally have a solid academic who is applying a scientific approach that is not purely a skeptical-debunking effort, but actually a very open-minded approach in which Aardema documents dozens of his own OBE journeys which are completely thrilling.

Aardema seems willing to admit that the OBE is a real, objective event, and not merely a “brain-only” event. He is open to the idea that consciousness is non-local — anyway, here is my review of: EXPLORATIONS IN CONSCIOUSNESS.