The ghost of Ernest Hemingway speaks …


A Virginia man spent six years channeling the spirit of American iconic writer Ernest Hemingway — find out what the great deceased writer has to say, including his comments on his own suicide. (Hemingway blew his own head off with a shotgun in 1961 … but he’s alive and well on the “Other Side” ….



It may be the ultimate Minnesota Mysterty: The Wendigo



Right here in my remote corner of northwest Minnesota there is a history of encounters with one of the strangest creatures ever described — the Wendigo. But what is it? Legend has it that this bizarre monster-apparition has a hunger for human flesh — but other say it only shows up when human beings fall into the reprehensible practice of cannibalism.

But before you write the Wendigo off as just another Bigfoot-like cryptid, there is one aspect of this entity that is quite unlike no other — and be warned — this will amaze you and definitely challenge your mind.

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I Astral Travel to the Year 89,771 B.C.

stonag_lascauxhors.lgKEN KORCZAK:
I was recently working as a ghoswriter on a large manuscript about reincarnation for a client, and this entails am extensive amount of research on the subject, even though I knew, or thought I knew, a lot about it before. Anyway, this prompted me to conduct some of my own experiments in exploring past lives, and I post the results here on my Unexplained-Mysteries site:
Reincarnation Time Travel

New UFO/Paranormal book explores the strange happenings on England’s Ilkley Moor

KEN KORCZAK: UFO buffs will enjoy this somewhat obscure gem by British UFO researcher Nigel Mortimer. It’s his personal story of encounters with the famous glowing orange globes of England’s Ilkley Moor — a bleak and mysterious location of ancient stone monuments, rock carvings and emblems which date back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

I found this short book to be authentic and compelling. To see my review, click: THE CIRCLE AND THE SWORD

The most famous case of Minnesota UFO encounter may have been a run-in with a trans-human “plasma entity”

In 1979 a Minnesota sheriff’s deputy had a head-on collisions with a mysterious ball of light, making for the most sensational UFO encounter in Minnesota history.

Officer Val Johnson was on a lonely county highway in remote northwest Minnesota at 1:40 a.m. when he spotted a strange, glowing ball of light. Thinking it may have been a downed airplane, he drove toward it. The “energy orb” seemed to react to his presence — it sped toward him at unbelievable speed and smashed into the front of his squad car.

For more than 30 years the UFO community and skeptics have been debating what actually happened on that August night. But now new information may finally offer a satisfactory — yet amazing explanation.