Month: March 2008

Want Even More Paranormal? Try the Gralien Report!

Ken Korczak:

If you are like me, you can never get enough stories of the paranormal. I have been scouring Minnesota and the Midwest for the strangest stories I can find for more than 20 years. But listen: Even I can’t cover it all!

Luckily there are other fine writers and investigators doing great work — including my friend Micah A. Hanks.  You’ll find Micah’s site here:

It’s a terrific source for tons of well-written and researched tales of the paranormal, everything from UFOs and hauntings, to a lot of other stuff you might not expect — as well as news and current events.

Micah is a polished writer with a keen eye who contributes to FATE magazine, Fortean Times, Mysteries Magazine, and others.  In those pubications and on his site, The Gralien Report, Micah provides unique insights and stories that intrigue and entertain.

So when you are not reading my stuff here — get thee over to The Gralien Report for lots more great stuff!

Here’s that link again: