Month: May 2012

Sometimes I Do Hard News: Occupy Minnesota

Ken Korczak: Here is a story that intrigued me so much I decided to put on my old journalists hat and do some hard news. the story involves allegations that Minnesota cops were giving marijuana to Occupy Wall Street rally people in the Twin Cities.

I interviews some cops and did some other digging … anyway, please click the link below for the story.


Obscure Minnesota UFO Blurbs

Ken Korczak: Recently while doing research for Volume II of my nicely selling book MINNESOTA PARANORMAL, VOL. I, I came across a number of tantalizing blurbs that only make brief mention of UFO events which occurred here in Minnesota.

There’s been no shortage of UFO activity in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Starting with at least a dozen sighting of the “mystery airships” in 1897, the Minnesota landscape is peppered with reports from all over the state of encounters with UFOs.

Click the link below for the first of a couple of articles I am doing about Minnesota UFO blurbs: