Ken Korczak is a former newspaper reporter who now works as a freelance writer. He lives in northern Minnesota.

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  1. Are you writing a book on your OBE experiences? I would like to hear more details of your OBE travels into other worlds. I have only had two OBE and they were not planned. Your descriptions are amazing and I do believe your spiritual (astral) body has actually left your body. Please, if you write a book with detailed descriptions of the other worlds you have traveled, email me and let me know where I can find the book.

  2. Yes, Barb, a book is in the works and on the way! Thank you for asking! You’ll be among the first to know when it’s ready … which hopefully won’t be too long. I’ve got a small bidding war going on among some publishers — the first draft of the book is already generating a lot of interest — in the meantime, I’ll continue to post OBE stuff here on the old blog! Thanks again for your kind comments. Barb. Ken

  3. Hey there Ken, I just heard from your website while reading at story back at unexplained-mysteries.com . I read the interview on Astral Travel and it really looks awesome. I mean, I have read about Astral Travel and I have also tried it a lot of times, but always unsuccessfuly. Although once I managed to do it, but I was kind of unconcious/concious. And it was fun, but it only lasted a minute or so.

    I would like to know, what is the technique you use? I would like to know…because it seems that you have mastered it pretty well.

    Thanks a lot for your time, I am looking forward to your book!


  4. hi ken,

    This is my first visit to your blog and believe me i couldnt stop myself reading your pieces. Its so amazing. You write about all the topic that interest me so much, I am going to be visiting your blog everyday.


  5. Hey Nina:

    You are way too kind! Anyway, thanks for your comments and for reading. I’ll try to keep good stuff coming — you’re always welcome here, and I’ll work hard to be worthy.


    P.S. I’m sending you some free e-books — I hope you enjoy them.

  6. Hi Ken!
    I just read your post on Unexplained Mysteries about elves and fairies and little people and I wanted you to know that we already have the technology to prove they exist. It’s called a digital camera and I have been taking pictures for the past 5 years of Elementals and Nature Spirits. I probably have 10,000 pics currently in my files. I have repeatedly tried to get the word out there that ANYONE can get these pics, but most people just don’t believe me. I would be delighted to send you some pics if you can let me know where to send them, and I would be happy to explain how to take them, too.
    Janice Stephenson

  7. Hello Ken

    I read your article about the ‘space jelly’ and am researching this topic. I have ran out of areas to persue and also, have no name to give it, not to follow in your steps but it is a very interesting subject to persue.

    A question if I may about the substance its self, how does this come to be and how does it manage to materialise on the earth surface?

    Any information you are willing to share will be greatfuly accepted.

    Thank You,

  8. I first came across one of your entries (Wizards in the Woods) through Unexplained Mysteries.com. This was about two years ago. That story was extremely interesting, but I hadn’t bothered bookmarking it or anything. So for the next two years I searched and searched for it. Well, here I am now, right at the heart of it. I’ve since read a few other entries. I know they’re supposed to be true stories, and that’s what gives them a little more edge. I tried visiting your website Starcopywriter.com, but it doesn’t seem to work. I have my own paranormal story to tell. It’s not as enthralling as many of the stories on here, but it’s the most mysterious thing that has ever happened to me. Let me know if you’d like to hear (or read) it.

  9. I just read your “Helix Master” article on the web. Just out of curiosity, given that you were given the choice, why didn’t you call it something like Hubert? I mean, after all, the last I heard God still has a sense of humor.

  10. Brent: Hubert certainly would have been a good choice. According the names dictionary, Hubert means “bright” or “shining intellect.” However, Hubert is generally perceived as a name for nerds, these days. There is a study in which teachers were asked to grade an essay. All of the teachers were given the same essay to read. Some of the essays were assigned the named Hubert and Elmer, while others were assigned more popular names like Jason or Tristan. The Hubert and Elmer essays consistently received lower grades. The teachers apparently had preconceived notions that anyone named Hubert or Elmer must be dumber than other students with more popular names.

  11. Hi Ken,

    Wow… looking over some of your stories (two of which I actually found linked to unexplained-mysteries.com… specifically the “Real Faeries helping Real People” and “Wizards in the Forest”), I have to say you are an awesome writer. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add a link to your blog to the blogroll on my own WordPress site, The Gralien Report.

    I write about all kinds of weird and paranormal topics, and your stuff is right up my alley! Hey, drop me a line anytime (you should have my personal email, included with the submission of this comment post), or you can reach me at info@gralienreport.com. Shoot me a message if you like, and I’ll gladly help get the word around the web about your great stories!

    All the best,

    Micah A. Hanks
    Freelance Writer

  12. Ken,

    I wish for you to return this message, as I would like to dine with you in the Restaurant on the Edge of Time. I do not know what day I will meet you there, but just know that I will be there eventually. Sadly, my travels are random, yet constant.

    Look for me, as I will look for you – For now we’ll sit as one, yet then we’ll sit as two.

    I am confident in my abilities, although patience will be required.

  13. HI KEN .

    Finally, by fate , ive stumbled upon your website and your writtings, and I must say, i was in awe. Ive finally found a site/place that relates to me and the world that I live in, compared to this place where I cant really openly speak about, without being given the look, r u crazy or what. It seems coming here, i found that part of me, who is a writer and is writting all this stuff, that i so badly yearn to read and talk about openly. I just want to say thank you and that giving me a place in ur blog that I now call JEROME’S HOME.

  14. Hi Ken, I’m new to computers and the internet. Since I found your writing, I’ve been reading. Especially loved when you invented a new religion. BIG FAN.
    I’m Matriarch of the Erie. History says my tribe was massacred.
    as they keep telling you, prove it. Spontaneously, I’ll become someone else, have two streams of consciousness at once. I was LeAnn Cooper. I died in the nursery of the OK federal building, along with my son Christopher and 18 other babies, when Tim McVay blew it up. I was also Tim.

    Once I was Julie Munson, I was murdered.

  15. Hi Ken,
    I’m new to computers and the internet. Since I found your writing, I’ve been reading. Especially loved when you invented a new religion. BIG FAN.

    I’m Matriarch of the Erie. History says my tribe was massacred. and as they keep telling you, prove it. Spontaneously, I’ll become someone else, have two streams of consciousness at once. I was LeeAnn Cooper. I died in the nursery of the OK Federal building, along with my son Christopher and 18 other babies, when Tim McVay blew it up. I was also Tim. I understand what you write about. All those (historians–bores) who want proof, are missing the point.
    For proof, I was once Julie Munson, a murder victim, and told police where to find my body. Proof is scientific, materialistic, boring. The Erie came up with Yin Art: If you understand it, it isn’t Yin Art.
    I will certainly buy your books, read you. You are Yin Art.

  16. OMG IronGhost I love all your topics on unexplained mysteries!!! I am a huge fan and if I keep talking about everything I find awesome about them I might get ahead of myself and the post may get boring so ima cut it really short. I looooooooooooooooooove your posts and I really want you to keep doing them!!!! Thank you and for god sakes please keep using the ouija board, astral travling,lucid dreaming and documenting everything because it is like a candy shop. If I could Id read all of your recorded sessions and experiences. Thank you!

    1. Hey thanks, Asar. I try to keep the stuff coming at UM and here and elsewhere, but it’s hard to keep up — yet when I get notes like yours, and knowing that people appreciate the info., well, that very rewarding. Thanks so much for you comments and keep in touch! Ken aka IronGhost

  17. I almost dropped my laptop, laughing at all of these comments. I mean, this is some seriously funny sh**. I certainly don’t mean any of you nerdlingers any offense, but godda**! hahahahaahaha

      1. I am nothing–a voice lost in time, not even that. Perhaps I am a paranormal creature, but still that is not very interesting. I am more empty than the comments on this site, but not as humorous. Perhaps you are privy to the latest report about the extraterrestrial, fairy, hairy-toothed, goddess involved in a serious cosmodemonic accident. She had the whole left side of her body cut off. She’s all right now.

  18. Hi Ken – I’m writing from a tv production company and am really keen to speak with you about some of your blogs and articles…in aprticular about a strange phenomena sometimes referred to as ‘star jelly’. It would be great if you can please contact me outside of the blog via email. Thanks and I look forward to eharing fro you soon!

  19. Hello there, Ken. If you remember me, I wrote a little blog under the name ohminotaur and we became acquainted. Currently I’m on a grand adventure on girlgotsoul.wordpress.com and we should get back in touch. Truly, Bailey.p

    1. I sure remember you, Baily … even wondered what you were up to from time to time. I’ll take a look at your new site, and drop me a line anytime. Hope life is treating you well and that you’re having an adventure. Super positive waves to you … Ken

      1. I’m trying my best to treat myself well, life tosses interesting curve-balls constantly. Trying to keep up! Ever so often I come back to read up on your work, but so much of my own has gone unpublished I’m afraid I’m a ghost. Loving vibes to you as well, dear. 🙂

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