Month: October 2010

Recession Blues: I try to help out

KEN KORCZAK: The other day a friend of mine, another victim of the recession, said to me: “Jeepers, all I wish I had right now was $25 for a tank of gas!”
That’s running it pretty tight. We all probably know a lot of folks who are really feeling the pinch in these recessionary times. Some are on the brink of losing their homes; some have already been tossed out by some “friendly” banker somewhere.

Well, I’m no financial wizard. I’m a freelance writer! Starvation and lack of pocket cash has often been my middle names at many times throughout my long career in the writing business, a harsh mistress if there ever was one.

Consequently, I’ve gotten very good over the years at finding “$20 bucks here, $10 there.”

Believe me, I know. Sometimes getting your hands on a couple of ten dollar bills can be the Holy Grail of your existence. And so, I decided to set up a new blog. It’s called “Make Money in a Recession.”
It’s far from some “big money” or “get rich quick” type of site. What I want to do is just toss some ideas out there for how anyone, anywhere can earn some pocket cash quickly and easily. My philosophy is: “$10 bucks here, $20 there; pretty soon we’re talking about some real money!”
SO check it out. My “Make Money in a Recession” site is here:


Hope it helps some of you!