Month: July 2010

Hey, Subscribe, Then I Thrive

Just a note to all of you who are super kind and nice, and who know you just want to do me a favor: If you have a moment or the inclination, you can click on the link to my “Examiner” site below — then once you get there, click the “Subscribe” button which it to the right of my picture.

This costs you nothing, and will not obligate you to anything — but you will gain access to all my news stuff!! But it also increases my “subscriber” numbers, and the more I have on Examiner, the more money I can make with the stories I post there.

I occasionally sneak a story of the true, strange and paranormal over at Examiner, although in general, I use this site to scratch itch to do straight news stories, the kind I used to do for newspapers. Since newspapers are dying all over Minnesota and the rest of the nation, this sort of online journalism is the next best thing for me to make the occasional buck on writing freelance news.

So click below, and don’t forget to click “subscribe” when you get there, and thank you!